• Welcome to Mrs. Perez-Majors (better known as Mrs. Majors) home page! For the begining of the school year I was an online Panther Academy teacher. However, for this second half of the school year I will be serving as the seventh grade Team A social studies face to face teacher. I am so excited about this transition and to be your teacher! We are in for a very exciting adventure as we get to know each other, the learning content, and the new technology platform: Canvas. We are going to do so many fun activities and have a blast learning together! Please don't forget to take a look at the Syllabus, Resources, and Supplies Links that can be found flushed to the left for very important information about what we will learn and how I communicate. It would also be very helpful to watch my Open House video in the "About Mrs. Majors" link. 

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    **ATTENTION STUDENTS & PARENTS:** As a result of pandemic numbers rising, the Richmond County Board of Education has decided that from May 7-17 Pine Hill Middle school students will be learning from home. We will meet Tuesday May11th from 2:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. through Microsoft Teams meetings.  I will post the link below for students to join the day of the meeting. It is important that students make these meetings so that they can receive instructions on assignments and learning support. 


    Instructions for joining online class meetings:

    To join the online classes simple click THIS LINK at 2:00 pm on May the 11th and the 14th.


    Learning Materials:  I have provided an at home learning packet that could be picket up in hard copy at the school. If you were unable to pick up the packet I have also provided a module on Canvas with the same information provided in the learning packets so that the work can still be accessed in the event parents can not pick up the paper packet from school or if the student prefers to do the work online. The work can be found in Canvas under assignments and is titled Learning from home work. Work can be turned in online or by completing the paper packet and turning it in when we come back.


    How to join Mrs. Majors Team class: To join the TEAMS 365 virtual class so you can see the assignments and turn them in simply put this code in the join Team box w1dwn6z.


    Important Communication Request: I am requesting that all students and parents join my Remind 101 in order to stay informed of the constantly changing circumstances in the learning environment as a result of the pandemic and to receive information and updates important to the learning of my students. 


    How to join Remind 101:

    To join simply go to your phone or device that allows for text and in the place where you would put a phone number type the number 81010 (disregard the fact that it is not a normal phone number). Where you would normally place the message type @cbg2c2. Please make sure there are no spaces between the characters for it to work properly. Send message and you will receive a text back with invitation to class.



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    Email: majordo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Subject(s): Social Studies
    Tutoring: Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment 
    Face to Face Schedule: 
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    12:20-1:35 Connections
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    Note: Parent conferences will be arranged by contacting me (see resources tab for more information on how to contact me).  You may also contact our secretary for an appointment at 706-592-3730.