• Welcome to Mrs. Perez-Majors (better known as Mrs. Majors) home page! I will be serving as the seventh grade Team A social studies teacher. I am so excited about being your teacher! We are in for a very exciting adventure as we get to know each other, the learning content, and the new technology platform: Canvas. We are going to do so many fun activities and have a blast learning together! Please don't forget to take a look at the Syllabus, Resources, and Supplies Links that can be found flushed to the left for very important information about what we will learn and how I communicate. It would also be very helpful to watch my Open House video in the "About Mrs. Majors" link. 

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    How to join Mrs. Majors Team class: To join the TEAMS 365 virtual class so you can see the assignments and turn them in simply put this code in the "Join Team Box" w1dwn6z.


    Important Communication Request: I am requesting that all students and parents join my Remind 101 in order to stay informed of the constantly changing circumstances in the learning environment as a result of the pandemic and to receive information and updates important to the learning of my students. 


    How to join Remind 101:

    To join simply go to your phone or device that allows for text and in the place where you would put a phone number type the number 81010 (disregard the fact that it is not a normal phone number). Where you would normally place the message type @8cgacbg. Please make sure there are no spaces between the characters for it to work properly. Send message and you will receive a text back with invitation to class.

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    Date Due: 08/10/2017 Category: Homework
  • Mrs. Majors
    Mrs. Majors 
    Email: majordo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Subject(s): Social Studies
    Tutoring: Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment 
    Face to Face Schedule: 
    8:30-9:05 Homeroom and Breakfast
    9:05-10:15 First Period
    10:15-11:25 Second Period 
    11:25-12:20 Lunch
    12:20-1:35 Connections
    1:35-2:45 Third Period
    2:45-4:00 Fourth Period
    Note: Parent conferences will be arranged by contacting me (see resources tab for more information on how to contact me).  You may also contact our secretary for an appointment at 706-592-3730.