Mr. Tracy

  •  Cross Creek High School
     Mathematics Department

    Covid-19 Distance Learning Tasks

      1. Due: Friday, 27 March 2020
      2. Login through LAUNCHPAD to access.
      3. Algebra I: Algebra I Spiral Review Assignment
      4. Geometry: Probability Reinforcement
      5. ONLINE ASSIGNMENT grade
      1. Due: Monday, 13 April 2020
      2. Found on BLENDED LEARNING through LAUNCHPAD
      3. Name: Distant Learning Assignment (Tracy)
      4. Algebra I: Assignment Time - 14 hours and 36 minutes
      5. Geometry: Assignment Time - 13 hours and 16 minutes
      6. QUIZ grades
      1. Due: Friday, 24 April 2020!
      2. Found on HRW COLLECTIONS through LAUNCHPAD
      3. Algebra I: Parts 1 - 12 on exponential and quadratic functions.
      4. Geometry: Assignments 1 - 13 on transformations and congruence.
      5. CLASSWORK grades


    • YOU MUST BE CONTINIOUSLY WORKING ON THESE ASSIGNMENTS - you may not be AT school but you are still IN school.


    • Failure to apply yourself and complete all assignments will result in a ZERO being entered in the grade book. This could drastically impact your chances of passing the second semester of the course.


    • I will be entering in a PARTICIPATION GRADES at the end of each week based on the amount of hours you have put in during the week.


    • You may reach me through REMIND (Perferred) or through my SCHOOL EMAIL.
      • If you are not on my REMIND the code for Algebra is @mrta313 and for Geometry @mrtg313.


    • Leniency is NOT an option!
    Contact Information                                                                                                                            
    School Phone: (706) 772-8140
    Room Number: 313
    Remind Codes: Geometry - @mrtg313 / Algebra I - @mrta313 / Astronomy Club - @cchs_astro
    Tutoring: Wednesday after school - 2:40-3:15/30
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