• Audio & Video Technology & Film II



    This one credit course is the second in a series of three that prepares students for a career in Audio Video Technology and Film production and/or to transfer to a postsecondary program for further study. Topics include Planning, Writing, Directing and Editing a Production; Field Equipment Functions; Operational Set-Up and Maintenance; Advanced Editing Operations; Studio Productions; Performance; Audio/Video Control Systems; Production Graphics; Career Opportunities; and Professional Ethics. Skills USA and Technology Student Association (TSA) are examples of, but not limited to, appropriate organizations for providing leadership training and/or for reinforcing specific career and technical skills and may be considered an integral part of the instructional program.



     Students will be able to:

    • Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.
    • Demonstrate use of multiple types and formats of programs and productions.
    • Identify and demonstrate specified operational and set-up/maintenance procedures.
    • Perform advanced editing operations.
    • Demonstrate teamwork and proper use of equipment while participating in studio productions.
    • Demonstrate correct operations for studio and field lighting.
    • Create production graphics.
    • Identify and research related career opportunities.
    • Examine how SkillsUSA is a co-curricular part of career and technical education through leadership development, school and community service projects, and competitive events.
  • GRADING POLICY (19-20):

    The final grade for each student will be 80% from semester work and 20% from the final exam. The semester work grade will be determined by the following percentages:

    10% Tests

    5% Homework & Quizzes

    40% Projects

    25% Work Ethics & Employability

    20% Classwork