•  All assignments are posted on Schoology.



    1. Students will complete all assignments on time.
    2. Students must arrive to class on time and have the needed materials (SD Card, ear buds, paper, pen, etc.).
    3. Students will to come to class and give 100%.
    4. Students will to follow all class rules.


    Attendance & Make Up/Late Work:

    1. Make-up work and tests are the student’s responsibility.
    2. Students must make up a test or quiz within 2 class days of returning to school or receive a zero.
    3. Students absent the day before an announced test will be expected to take the test with the class.
    4. Make up work must be completed either before or after school within 1 week of the absence to receive full credit.
    5. Students are expected to keep up with posted assignments even when absent.


    Cell Phone:

    • Cell phones are only allowed if it is needed for an assignment. The teacher determines when it is needed.
    • Cell phones used without permission will be confiscated and return at 3:30 (the first time) or taken to the front office for parent pick-up.
    • Detention and administrative referral will be given when needed.


     Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior 1st Offense

    1. Call Parent/Guardian and Discuss problem with Student 2nd Offense.
    2. Call Parent/Guardian and student will serve one hour of detention after school 3rd Offense.
    3. Call Parent and refer student to office for further disciplinary action.


    Parents, please monitor your student’s progress (both attendance and grades). The most efficient way to communicate with me is by email to mukents@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    The use of the Internet is restricted for the purpose of the course. No games or music.


    Water is the only beverage permitted in the classroom section of the room. Snacks are not permitted due to the technology in the classroom/lab.


    Students can only use school-appropriate elements (topics, shots, images, music and etc.). Questionable material MUST be pre-approved. No nudity, offensive phrases and/or language (as deemed by instructors) will be videotaped or recorded using school equipment or materials. Extreme violence (simulated or real) involving weapons or firearms of any type (fake or real) cannot be videotaped or recorded on school grounds.