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    Career Management Syllabus

    Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School



    School 706-823-5580 ext. 1539     Cell 678-632-2185

    Room 143 E Hall



    The goal of this course is to promote essential knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to make key decisions about career options, high school curricular offerings relating to a pathway of their choice, as well as, post-secondary and workforce opportunities. Instructional focus will address interpersonal skills, management skills, employability skills, self-awareness, educational and career planning.

    In this course, middle school students will increase awareness of resources available to support educational and career planning. Students will develop a personalized Individual Peach State Pathways: Education and Career Plan, explore management skills, and investigate employability skills.



    This class uses a blended or hybrid format, combining classroom instruction with online learning. All assignments will be posted in Canvas. The class meets 2-3 times a week.



    • Students will develop and demonstrate positive interpersonal skills.
    • Students will develop management skills that lead to academic and career success.
    • Students will examine and demonstrate an understanding of employability skills to enhance career success.
    • Students will personalize a self-selected Pathway that meets educational and career goals.



    1. Students must maintain a Canvas account for this class.
    2. Students may need access to internet connected computer outside of class.
    3. Students must arrive to class on time and have the needed materials (paper, pen, etc.).
    4. Students must complete a portfolio a week before the end of the course.
    5. Students will follow all school and class rules.
    6. Students must have earbuds.
    7. Students are expected to use professional work behaviors.



    30% Assignments

    25% Portfolio

    20% Work Ethics & Participation

    15% Tests

    10% Homework, Bellringers & Quizzes

    The final grade for each student will be 80% from semester work and 20% from the final exam.


    Grading Scale:

    A = 100 – 90    B = 89 – 80    C = 79 - 75    D = 74-70    F = 69 and below


    Grade Book Codes

    Table below explains the codes I use in the grade book.



    Incomplete, if I grade the assignment, it most likely will be a low of failing grade.


    Redo, something is extremely wrong, you didn’t follow instructions.


    Missing, nothing or the wrong thing was turned in.


    Student Absence Policy

    Students have three days after they return to make up any missed assignments or tests. After the third day, any assignments not submitted will be marked as missing. You are responsible for getting any missed notes or assignments that were given during an absence. All assignments will be posted in Canvas.


    Late work policy

    Students are expected to submit all assignments by their set deadline. Late work will be accepted at 1% off each day it is not submitted.  All late assignments should be submitted before the last 2-weeks of the term (day will be posted on my teacher web page).


    Extra Credit Work

    Because extra credit is built into some assignments, I usually don’t give additional extra credit work.


    Methods of Assessment

    Study skills assessment is participation based.

    Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

    1. 1st offense, teacher address the student
    2. Call Parent/Guardian and discuss the problem with student 2nd offense.
    3. Call Parent/Guardian and student will serve after school detention with the 3rd offense. (Students may also be taken out of lab/production and given an alternate assignment. Alternate assignments may involve using a textbook that remains in the classroom and /or the use of a computer based learning module.)
    4. Call Parent and refer the student to the office for further disciplinary action.


    Tutoring/Remediation is available by appointment during lunch or after school.


    Cell Phone Policy

    As part of professional work behaviors in this class there will be no use of social media (such as Facebook), or of personal email, or cell phones in the classroom, edit bays, studio or control room. All cell phones and other such devices will be turned off during class time. Taking calls, texting, or reading messages, or taking photos or recordings is prohibited during the class period. After one infraction, students will be required to place in organization chart for every class period for the rest of the semester. Disregard for these guidelines will result in disciplinary action.


    Plagiarism is not allowed. It is expected that all assignments will be submitted in the student’s own words.  Plagiarized work will be given a zero.


    The use of the Internet is restricted for the purpose of the course. No games or videos.


    Water is the only beverage permitted in the classroom section of the room. Snacks are not permitted due to the technology in the classroom/lab.


    Video and Photography Release Statement
    Students in this class may be recorded on video and photographed.  Enrollment in this class constitutes the consent of all enrolled students and the consent of the parents or legal guardians of any minor children enrolled, to the future broadcast, publication or other use of videos or photographs at the sole discretion of teacher and school administrators.


    Subject to change disclaimer

    The policies and regulations herein, are necessarily subject to change without notice at any time at the discretion of the teacher and administration.