• Dear Parents,

    As students will be out for an extended period of time, I will be giving students work to complete from home so that they will not get behind and so that I will have grades to put in the next report card. Please understand this is NOT a choice. If students want a grade they will have to do the work. No work, no grade. I will be communication from Remind 101, Edmodo, and Teams 365. I understand some students have a hard time accessing Teams 365 so I have provided Edmodo as well. I need for students and parents to keep up with the communication modes provided so that you will be updated with new developments and assignments. See the directions below for joining each. If all else fails or email me at majordo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us to express any concerns or questions.

    Remind 101:  In the place where you would put a phone number when you want to text someone put the number 81010 (I know it does not look like a phone number but it will function as such). Then text this message @majorsel

    Edmodo: To join follow the directions To join this group visit www.edmodo.com using your smartphone (there is also an App) or computer. Click or tap "Get Started as a student." Follow the instructions to create an account. After entering your name, click or tap "Have a Code? Join a Class or Group," below "Explore Your Interests." Enter your code: 5t6evi. From the homepage you can see assignments and messages from me.

    Teams 365: To access from home go to Google.com and search RCBOE launchpad. Choose the first link Launchpad Richmond County School. Click on this first link and you will see a hyperlink on the Academy of Richmond County website. This link will take you to the launch pad sign in. ALL students KNOW their user name and password as they have been signing in all year. If your student is new please call school and ask to speak to Ms. Nimmons the media specialist. Students should look for the purplish blue Teams symbol amongst the other icons. Look under files or assignments for new postings.

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    Date Due: 08/10/2017 Category: Homework
  • Mrs. Majors
    Mrs. Majors
    Email: majordo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 7th
    Subject(s): Social Studies
    Tutoring; Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00 by appointment
    8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
    9:00-9:15 Homeroom
    9:15-10:15 1st
    10:15-11:15 2nd
    11:15-11:45 3rd
    11:45-1:15 Connections/PE
    1:25-2:25 3rd period continued and Lunch
    2:15-3:15 4th Period 
    Note: Parent conferences are held on Thursdays from 1:30 - 2:15.  Please contact our Guidance Department for an appointment, 706-592-3730.