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    Independent Reading Book for Reasearch Papers due for Approval on 8/16.  Here is a list to help you.  Many, if not all, can be found in the library.  AP Book List  Text Analysis Sheet

    Books should be read and Literary Analysis Sheets complete by 9/9


    Terms you will need to know this year.  It is heavily advised your print these out and keep them with you as well as make flash cards and study them:  AP Literature Terms


    Due 8/12:   Research the Anglo Saxons. What are some values they had in their culture? Were their values similar or different than today's values? Explain your answer. Cite all sources used.  Anglo Saxon Video


    8/14:  Wife's Lament Questions  HW:  

    HW: Compare the tones of the two poets, the Seafarer and The Wife. Which one's life is worse? Explain your answer, citing evidence from the text, to include discussing how the tone shows their feelings towards their own lives.


    8/15:  Blackberry Picking Poem and Poetry Analysis Sheet


    8/19:  Beowulf Prologue-Canto 2:  

    1. List major characters (Shild, Hrothgar, Grendel) and describe them in 1-2 sentences. Put down any kennings associated with the character. Briefly put your thoughts on each major character that appears, discussing their actions and what you think of them (1-2 sentences).

    2. Cite examples of Motifs that line up with Anglo Saxon culture. At least 3 per Canto (chapter).

    3. Find 2 examples of allieteration in each Canto read today. Why do you believe the author uses this sound device in this epic poem? Keep in mind, before it was written, it would have been delivered by word of mouth.


    8/20-21:  Read Canto 19  Respond on Microsoft Teams using the following template.  Respond to one classmate.  If you cannot access it on Microsoft Teams for some reason, write it on paper   Find one kenning for Beowulf and one for Grendel and explain them in your writing connection.:  

    • Respond to today's reading using the following guide.  Write 3-4 sentences for EACH.  Then respond to one other person's post.
    • Aha! moments (Something(s) you didn’t know and find amazing)
    • Connections (To your own personal experience)
    • Observations (What literary devices or sound devices do you notice and what is their purpose?)
    • Wonderings (Do you have questions? Are you clear about the author’s message?)
    • Inspiration (What does this reading mean for you?  Are there any characters you want to be more like?  Less like?)Incorporate themes


     8/24:  Complete discussions on team using the template for the fight with Grendal's mother.  Make sure you note down epic hero characteristics and any deus ex machinas.


    8/27  Complete discussions on team or paper using the template for the dragon fight.  Discuss Wiglaf at some point as well as your thoughts on the ending.  


    AP HW: Research and take notes on the anti-hero trope. Give some examples from modern times, in which anti-heroes are super popular for some reason. Bonus points if you can locate the first anti-hero used in English literature.  

    9/10  Beowulf essay example

    9/12:  Read chapter 1-2.  Locate main characters.  Explain how they are different from in Beowulf.  List anti-hero characteristics for Grendel.  Locate themes and Anglo Saxon traits.  

    Finish chart through 2. You will be doing something else for 3. I think. I haven't looked that far ahead yet.

    Homework question: Look up stream of consciousness and flashback. How does Gardner use these writing styles within Grendel? Be specific, especially for flashback. Explain your answer.  Please answer on your chart and turn in tomorrow. Do not forget to cite:  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

    9/13:  Chapter 3:  

    Respond to today's reading using the following guide.  Write 3-4 sentences for EACH. 

    Aha! moments (Something(s) you didn’t know and find amazing)

    Connections (To your own personal experience)

    Observations (What literary devices, anti-hero traits, or post modern traits  do you notice and what is their purpose?)

    Wonderings (Do you have questions? Are you clear about the author’s message?)

    Inspiration (What does this reading mean for you?  Are there any characters you want to be more like?  Less like?) Incorporate themes.

    HW:  Read through 4. Complete the following questions: How is Grendel in Grendel different than how he is in Beowulf?  Do you feel sympathy for him?  Why or why not?  What is Grendel’s interaction with humans like and do you think it shapes his later war against them?  Explain your answer.  What theme is revealed by the Shaper? Explain your answer.


    9/16 Chapter 5:  

    Discussion: What do you think of the Dragon? Is he the same Dragon from Beowulf? Is he God? The Devil? Is he Grendel? Justify your answer.

    Contrast the Dragon and the Shaper's world views. How are they opposites? Which one do you agree with most? Explain your answer.

    AP HW: Consider the dragon's philosophy, which is also Gardner's philosophy. Are you a puppet that doesn't see the strings or are you in control of your own destiny? Can you provide proof either way? How does thinking about this make you feel?

    9/17 Chapter 6:  

    Grendel Ch. 6

    1. Is the dragon's charm a gift or a curse? Explain your answer thoroughly.
    2. How does the Shaper use religion to justify Hrothgar's rule?  Do you agree?  Explain.
    3. What is ironic about Grendel saying, "Lo, God has vanquished my enemies"?  What kind of irony is it?  Explain.
    4. How are Grendel's feelings about his newfound power and desire to go on "raids" paradoxical?  Explain.
    5. Discuss the character of Unferth. How is he different than from in Beowulf?  How does what happens to him in Grendel sync up with his attitude in Beowulf?  Explain. Do you sympathize with Unferth? Explain. Who do you agree with regarding the discussion of heroes, Unferth or Grendel?  Explain.  How does the interaction between Grendel and Unferth satirize the notion of epic heroes? 

    9/18:  Grendel Chapter 7

    Read chapter 7 in your groups and do a discussion on the following and write down your opinion. If time, get your fellow group member's opinion as well:

    What effect does Wealthow have on the men of Herot as well as Grendel?  What theme could this relate to? Explain your answer. What does Grendel do that surprises the men at the end of the chapter? Explain what you think his motivations are for his actions to Wealthow and what theme (or themes) it could relate to. Explain how Grendel's actions confirm or deny nihilism.

     9/20  Grendel Chapter 8


    • Read Ch 9 and answer higher order thinking questions:

    Describe the characters of Ork and the Fourth Priest and how their views of Ork's "vision" contrast.  Whose interpretation do you like best and why? Based on this chapter, what do you think Gardner's views of religion and religious systems are?  Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer. How does all of the talk effect Grendel?  What is being foreshadowed in this chapter?  Explain why you think so.

    9/24.  Chapter 10 and 11


    9/30:  Canterbury Tales:  

    Knight, Squire, Prioress, Monk, Friar, Franklin, Doctor, Wife of Bath, Parson, Plowman, Miller, Reeve, Summoner, Pardoner.

    Prologue Chart

    10/1  Read Pardoner's Tale and complete the following:  

    HW: Constructed response: What is the overall theme of the Pardoner's tale? How does Chaucer use irony to convey the message and how is the message ironic considering the Pardoner's character? Explain your answer using evidence from the text. At least one paragraph.