Summer Work & Supply List

  • 2023 Summer Work for DFA Rising Geometry Students 


    Mrs. Fuller --  fulleje @ 

    Mrs. Harriman -- harriam @


    To be successful in high school Geometry, you will frequently need to use previous geometry & basic algebra skills learned in middle school math and Algebra 1.  For example, you need to know:

    • Basic geometry vocabulary & notation (naming points, lines, segments, rays, and angles).
    • Estimating angle measure, and measuring angles with protractors
    • Calculating angle measures using angle relationships such as interior and exterior triangle angles, vertical, complementary, and supplementary.
    • Interpreting markings on a geometric diagram (such as parallel, perpendicular, congruent, etc.)
    • Adding and subtracting segments with segments and angles with angles.

    This is a required assignment and will count towards your minor assignments category in the first semester.  Choosing not to complete the summer work on time or at all will negatively affect your performance and your grade in the class.  Read the instructions carefully to know exactly what you need to do! Geometry Summer Work—to be completed by or before Monday, August 7, 2023

    STEP 1: 

    • Go to
    • Click the yellow “Register” button & enter this code: 6838-E3V7 to join the 2023 Geometry Summer Work Class, then register with your email.

    STEP 2:

    • You may use your calculator and/or scratch paper, but NOT notes or computer websites.
    • Students are expected to adhere to the Honor Code:  “On my honor, I pledge that I have not given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment. “

    STEP 3:

    • View your results by clicking the white “Show Solutions” button, in the top right corner of the first box labeled “2023 GEOMETRY SUMMER MASTERY ASSESSMENT”.

    STEP 4:

    • If you are happy with the grade you earned, you are done with your summer work. The score earned will count towards your minor assignments category in the first semester.
    • If you would like to improve the grade you earned, you may do the Test Corrections in DeltaMath by clicking the green “Initialize Test Correction” button and the score you earn on the corrections will replace your original score.  
    • The due date is  Monday, August 7, 2023.


    When school starts for 2023-24 school year, the expectation is that you have mastered the summer work concepts and can readily apply those concepts.

    If you have questions, you are welcome to email me. Please know that my school email will be checked twice over the summer break.


    Required Supply List

    ❏Composition Book (graph paper inside is the best option!)

    ❏Binder with notepaper & graph paper

    ❏Scientific Calculator (TI-30 IIS or Casio fx-82es are both great and under $20)

    ❏Good quality compass (Circle Masters & bow compasses are awesome!)


    ❏ I HIGHLY recommend having your own glue sticks, small pair of scissors, colors (markers, colored pens or pencils, whichever you  like).  I do have plenty of these things in the classroom, but in the interest of not sharing germs when we share supplies, this is a great time to get your own set :)


    Appreciated supplies for the classroom:


    ❏Disinfecting Wipes

    ❏ Disinfecting spray (like Lysol)

    ❏Hand Sanitizer