• Dr. Harold teaches science at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.


    Remind Codes: (text the codes to 81010, or add the Remind App to your phone)

    Students and/or parents in my Biology Course: @Bio217jh

    Students and/or parents in my 7th Grade Science Class: @7thSci217j

    - A schedule of after-school tutoring times is posted weekly in the Canvas module or released via Remind!

    Students who are interested in joining the High School Science Club: @DFASciClub


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  • Frequently Asked Questions!


    1. What are we doing this week?

           Weekly schedules for all classes are posted in Canvas as weekly modules. Weekly schedules are also sent out to students and parents via the Remind App. 

    2. I missed class yesterday. Can I get a copy of the assignments?

           If a student misses a day, simply go to the Canvas Course on their LaunchPad to find the assignment and turn it in there.

    3. I need extra help on this assignment!

          Dr. Harold will tutor nearly every day after school, starting at 3:35-4:30 pm. The tutoring schedule will also be posted on the Week-At-A-Glance. 

    4. What can I do to bring up my grade? 

          Dr. Harold does not have a late-work policy. Turn in any work before the end of the grading period in Canvas without penalty. The only assignment that MUST be done on time is the daily Prime Time. This is a single question that is asked at the beginning of class. Students have until that week's Friday at midnight to complete all these questions. These will not be reopened for any reason. 

    5. How do I know what my current grade is? 

           Dr. Harold grades weekly work every weekend. The grade will almost always be up-to-date. Students and guardians can check Infinite Campus to understand their current status.

    6. Dr. Harold! You put in a missing assignment for me, but I turned it in! 

         Please verify that your file went through on Canvas before telling me. Then please let me know! I definitely make mistakes. Take a deep breath! I don't have a late-work policy, so you are fine! 



    1. Canvas is used in this class as a way to give students assignments, and to collect the assignments. 

    2. Grades will only be up-to-date in Infinite Campus. 

    3. All assignments will have a due date. However, there's no penalty for late work. It is expected that the students will turn in work before the due date in order to be able to follow the instruction occurring in class. 

    4. Prime Times are a single question due within the first 10 minutes of class every day. These are expected to be completed at these times. If a student is absent that day, the Prime Times are open until Friday at Midnight when that week's Prime Times will all close. This is the one hard rule for late assignments in my course. Prime Times will not be reopened.  



Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Biology Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology Certified to teach all sciences 6-12 grades Certified by College Board to teach AP Research

Dr. Jillian Harold

Dr. Harold came to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in 2023. She taught for two years at Westside High School after spending 6 years researching and teaching at a medical school in South Carolina. A few of the things she studied were the effect of the Ebola Virus on the body and how the lack of gravity in space changes the body.


Dr. Harold completed her graduate thesis at Augusta University in Augusta, GA in 2015. Her thesis project was on the polarization of macrophages during helminth infection. She was co-author of five publications during this time. She completed her B.S. in Biology in 2010 at what was Armstrong Atlantic State University and has since been merged with Georgia Southern University.


Dr. Harold's Schedule for 2023-2024

1st Period: Planning

2nd Period: Honors Biology

3rd Period: Honors Biology 

4th Period: Honors Biology 

5th Period: Planning

6th Period: Honors Biology 

7th Period: Honors Biology