• Mrs. Faith Huntington (formerly Wittke)                                huntifa@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us   

    Science Teacher

    7th Grade Team Lead

    Junior Beta Club Sponsor

    Head Tennis Coach


    Donations appreciated: hand sanitizer, Clorox/Lysol wipes, latex-free disposable gloves, markers/colored pencils/crayons for classroom use (simple not fancy)



  • Class Information 2024-2025 


    7th Grade Life Science

    There is no summer work for 7th grade science. Please check your ELA and Math teachers' sites for summer work.

    Supplies: Students will use a laptop/device in class almost every day. Other supplies needed: writing utensils, notebook paper, folder with pockets & prongs. Students may also prefer to have their own set of colored pencils and a simple calculator. 

    GSE Science


    Human Anatomy & Physiology

    There is no summer work for Anatomy. Supplies: Device/laptop, 1" 3-ring binder, writing utensils, notebook paper. Students usually prefer having their own set of colored pencils. 

    Anatomy GSE


    Advanced Placement Biology

    There is no required summer work for AP Biology. To prepare for AP Biology, students might want to review chemistry and biochemistry as they relate to living things and cells. Khan Academy lessons for AP Biology are a very good resource. We will also be reading Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin, 2009, ISBN: 0307277453 starting in mid-August. Students will need a paperback copy of the book and may want to obtain a copy before the start of school. It can be found used for less than $10. There are also 1-2 copies at the public library. 

    Supplies: Laptop/Device, minimum 1" 3-ring binder, paper, writing utensils, calculator. Students may also prefer to have their own set of colored pencils.

    AP Classroom: Students will need access to their account on AP Classroom. If students do not already have a College Board account, they should register for one. Please use your personal (gmail, etc.) email address to link to your College Board account. It does not work well with your school email account. We will be enrolling in our AP Bio class on AP Classroom during the first few days of school. 

    From College Board: