• dra crest and mission statement

         In October 2015 a volunteer committee met in Augusta, Georgia to brainstorm the needs of Davidson Fine Arts School, her students and how DFA alumni could begin a new relationship with the school and become a sustainable enterprise in meeting those needs, as well as alumni desires to reconnect with their alma mater and fellow alumni.
         Those volunteers include Heard Robertson (Ring Leader), Class of 1997; Takisha Burke, Class of 2003; Michele Guilford, Class of 1993; Wright Montgomery, Class of 2006; George Robertson, Class of 2005; and Martha Craig Robertson, Class of 1997.
         As of November 16, the committee was beginning a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization called Davidson Fine Arts Alumni Association, or DFAAA. The goal is to establish an Augusta-based Board of Directors (for now) and submit all required documentation paperwork by the end of 2015.
         In the meantime, the committee has established two forms to collect contact information for those who are interested in updates as DFAAA moves forward. You are welcome to contact the organizing committee with questions at info@DFAalumni.org

    contact form

    Link to: http://bit.ly/dfaaa-alumni-contact and http://bit.ly/dfaaa-affiliate-form