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  • The poem for PFW #2 is below:


    "I will put Chaos into fourteen lines" by Edna St. Vincent Millay


    I will put Chaos into fourteen lines                                                   
    And keep him there; and let him thence escape
    If he be lucky; let him twist, and ape
    Flood, fire, and demon --- his adroit designs
    Will strain to nothing in the strict confines
    Of this sweet order, where, in pious rape,
    I hold his essence and amorphous shape,
    Till he with Order mingles and combines.
    Past are the hours, the years of our duress,
    His arrogance, our awful servitude:
    I have him. He is nothing more nor less
    Than something simple not yet understood;
    I shall not even force him to confess;
    Or answer. I will only make him good.



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  • dorian gray  


    The Critical and Comparative Analysis Paper for The Picture of Dorian Gray is due NO LATER than November 8th!!!! This counts for 2 test grades.

    A PDF copy of the book is located here.


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    Vocab. 121-150

    121. equanimity (n.) - calmness; composure

    122. dastardly (adj.) - cowardly; pusillanimous

    123. amalgamate (v.) - to combine

    124. palpable (adj.) - concrete; real; touchable; tangible

    125. censure (v., n.) - to condemn; to criticize harshly; (n.) condemnation; remonstrate (v.); remonstration (n.)

    126. temporize (v.) - to procrastinate; to delay

    127. hidebound (adj.) - Narrow-minded; intolerable; dogmatic

    128. bibulous (adj.) - fond of drink; alcoholic

    129. obstreperous (adj.) - Rowdy; unruly; boisterous

    130. sundry (adj.) - varied; assorted; many

    131. circuitous (adj.) - rambling; indirect; roundabout

    132. garish (adj.) - gaudy; flashy

    133. clamorous (adj.) - noisy; cacophonous

    134. compunction (n.) - remorse; regret

    135. erudite (adj.) - learned; scholarly

    136. indigent (adj.) - very poor; destitute

    137. nebulous (adj.) - cloudy; unclear

    138. refractory (adj.) - mulish; stubborn

    139. coquette (n.) - a flirt; coquettish (adj.): flirtatious

    140. castigate (v.) - to criticize severely

    141. desultory (adj.) - wandering; unfocused; off-the-subject

    142. lugubrious (adj.) - mournful; gloomy; very sad; saturnine

    143. malingerer (n.) - one who feigns an illness (pretends to be sick)

    144. copious (adj.) - plentiful; ample; replete

    145. profusion (n.) - Overabundance; plethora; surfeit; plentitude; Plethora = good OR bad; Surfeit = good

    146. bowdlerize (v.) - To purge; to censor; to remove bad or offensive parts

    147. rapacity (n.) - inordinate greed; cupidity: greed for money

    148. obfuscate (v.) - to darken or confuse; to obscure

    149. cozen (v.) - to trick; to cheat

    150. sere (adj.) - withered; dried-up; arid

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