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  •  Vocab #91-100

    91. misanthropy (n.) - hatred for mankind

    92. eclectic (adj.) - assorted; diversified; multifarious

    93. cursory (adj.) - superficial; careless; haphazard

    94. dissimulate (v.) - To pretend; to deceive; to feign

    95. immutable (adj.) - unchanging; eternal

    96. ameliorate (v.) - to make better; to improve

    97. palliate (v.) - Lessen; soothe; mitigate     

    98.fetter (v.) - restrain; to curb; to hamper; hinder; trammel

    99. arrogate (v.) - to take or claim without right; to confiscate

    100. predilection (n.) - a passion; a fondness; a proclivity


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  • Personal Essay THREE:

    In a TYPED, minimum of 250-word essay (with a minimum of THREE paragraphs), and in MLA format, answer this prompt: 

    Mark Twain once said, “the truth is often stranger than fiction”. Describe an experience that you had, or one you have heard of/witnessed, that was so strange others might think it was made up.




    mark twain


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  • Vocab #81-90

    81. capitulate (v.) - to surrender

    82. preclude (v.) - to prevent; to hinder; to impede

    83. disputatious (adj.) - argumentative; fond of argument

    84. salient (adj.) - significant; remarkable; obvious

    85. facile (adj.) - effortless; deft; hasty

    86. maladroit (adj.) - clumsy; unskillful

    87. fait accompli (n.) - An accomplished and presumably irreversible deed

    88. pedantry (n.) - slavish attention to rules; meticulousness; extreme exactness

    89. ineffable (adj.) - inexpressible; indescribable; unspeakable

    90. salubrious (adj.) - healthful; wholesome; hygienic


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