• Ms. Arnold 7th Grade Math Homework 


    Students can redo the Quizziz over simple interest and tax, tip, discount, commission

    New codes:

    simple interest: 837979

    tax, tip, discount, commission: 157270

    Week 20 January 13-17


    There will be an oppotunity to retake the quiz over percent.  Students will need to make arrangements to come before school or stay after one day next week if they want to retake it.


    Week 20:  January 13-17, 2020

    This week we will be working on percent problems.  There will be a quiz over percent problems on Wednesday.

    Monday:  Percent Practice

    Tuesday:  Percent Practice

    HW:  worksheet to practice percent word problems

    Wednesday:  Percent Quiz

    Thrusday:  iReady midyear diagonstic

    Friday: iReady mid year diagnostic