• Ms. Arnold 7th Grade Math Distance Learning 

    Week 35:  May 4-8

    Last week of assignments:

    I am attaching a project for you to work on this week.  This project should summarize and highlight some of the main concepts we learned this year. 

    End of Year Project


    Week 34:  April 27- May 1

    Good Morning/ Afternoon Boys and Girls :)

    I will be posting a couple of activites for this week.   The first one is called Candy Math.  You will need a package of m & m's or skittles (or any candy with a variety of colors). 

    The directions are posted on Teams.  I will have an optional zoom meeting on Tuesday at 12:00 for anyone who has questions about the assignment or actually questions about anything else.

    Monday and Tuesday:  candy math project

    Wednesday:  Crossword Puzzle: Expressions and Equations

    Thursday and Friday:  Play Some Math Games



    Week 33:  Good Morning Boys and Girls

    I am providing review assignments this week.  I will not be counting anything as grades from this point on.  You either get a Pass or Fail for your yearly grade, and unless you have been contacted, you will automatically get a Pass for the year.  I will continue to provide review/ enrichmnent opportunities until May 8th (last day of school).  

    Please email me if you have any questions. 

    Monday:  integer operations review color sheet- attached in teams. 

    Tuesday:  two step equation review color sheet- attached in teams.

    Wednesday:  Quizziz Practice 2 Step Equations   Code: 047176

    Thursday and Friday:  spend about 15 or 20 minutes each day practicing math concepts on this website and email me some feedback...

    Did you like the website?  What was your favorite game? 

    7th Grade Math Games


    Explore some other math game websites and let me know which ones you like the best.


    Next week I will be giving you a project using m & m's or skittles.  Ask your parents to get you some for our project.

    I will assign the project and provide all the resources on Monday, but will have a zoom meeting on Tuesday in case you have any questions.



    Week 32:  April 14-19

    This week we will continue to work on probability.  There will be assignments in teams and in Edgenuity.  

    Tuesday:  Simple Probability Task Cards (1-12)  Posted in Teams

    Wednesday:  Edgenuity:  Week 32 

    Lesson:  Understanding Probability:

    Warm Up, Instruction, Summary

    Thursday:  Edgenuity:  Understanding Probability:

    Assignment and Quiz

    Friday:  Use today to finish up any missed assignments.


    Spring Break (April 6-13)  Spring Break!! 

    No new assignments this week!  Use this time to catch up if you are behind.  Have a great week.  I will still be checking email, so feel free to email if you have any questions or need any help.


    Week 31: March 30- April 3

    Good Morning Boys and Girls!!

    This week we will be working on Probability.

    Monday:  Watch the following video. You should take one page of notes and upload them to Microsoft Teams. 


    Tuesday:  there is a practice worksheet over probability posted on Microsoft Teams. 

    It is due tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Wednesday: Quizziz to practice probability

    2nd Period: 247579

    3rd Period: 831874

    5th Period: 449187

    6th Period: 622145

    7th Period: 824506

    Thursday:  no new assignment for today. 

    Work on the other three assignments for this week if needed.  Have a great day!

    Friday:  complete on iReady lesson (due by Sunday)(No USA Test Prep this week)


    Week 30: March 23-March 29

    This week you will continue to work on the Edgenuity modules.  You have a total of 5 modules assigned to you from last week.  I am not adding any new ones this week, but please complete all five by this Sunday night.  There will also be a USA Test Prep due by Sunday night.  

    Modules to complete on Edgenuity by March 29th:

    • Sampling Methods
    • Inferences and Predictions
    • Multiple Samples
    • Variation in Predictions and Estimates
    • Comparing Measures of Center and Variability

    For each module that you finish with a score of 70 or better, I will be giving you a completion grade of 100%.  

    I am also adding a few practice assignments this week.  Keep checking to see what needs to be completed each day.  

    Monday:  Quizizz.com assignment over random verses biased sampling. 

    2nd Period Code:  361815

    3rd Period Code:  740316

    5th Period Code:  334409

    6th Period Code:  139819

    7th Period Code:  619896

    Tuesday:No new assignments today.  Just work on the five Edgenuity assignments and the Quizizz from yesterday.  Hope you all are doing well!

    Wednesday:  Work on Edgenuity Lessons. All 5 lessons are due on Sunday.  Thanks to those of you who have completed all five!

    Thursday:  Keep working on the assignments that are due on Sunday  :)

    Don't forget to do the Quizizz.com that was assigned on Monday and the USA Test Prep assignment for week 30. 

    Hope you all are doing well.  Take Care!  Miss you guys!




    Week 29: March 16-20

    While we are out of school, the students will continue to work through the 7th grade math curriculum through the following platforms:

    Edgenuity (Blended Learning through Launch Pad)

    Khan Academy


    USA Test Prep

    Microsoft Teams

    I have given the students modules to work through for this week on Edgenuity.  The modules assigned for week 29 are due Sunday night.  I will assign a new set of modules for next week. 

    I will be giving additional assignments through this page on a daily basis.  

    The students were given a class code for the occassions that we will be working through Khan Academy.  I am including the codes for each class:

    2nd Period:  WYF32SSK

     3rd Period:   AMNVXKRZ

    5th Period:  BNQA3ZNK

    6th Period:  UTVH6ZUZ

    7th Period:  5MJAKQMX


    Students should check here on a daily basis for additional assignments.  I will have all work the the day posted before 8 AM each day.  

    Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.  



    Monday:  work on Edgenuity modules

    Tuesday:  work on Edgenuity modules

    Wednesday:  work on Edgenuity modules

    Thursday:  work on Edgenuity modules

    Friday:  Work on Edgenuity modules

    There will not be a USA Test Prep for week 29.

    The Edgenuity modules are due by Sunday night.  




    Week 28: March 9-13

    This week we will be working on Geometry skills and will have a test on Thursday.  The test will cover the following topics:  area and circumference of circles, special angles, Triangle Side Inequality Theorem, and cross sections.  

    On Friday, students can bring in circle shaped snacks (including, but not limited to PIES) to celebrate Pi Day!  Please email if you have any questions.

    There is always a USA Test Prep assignment that will be due on Sunday night.


    Monday:  cross sections

    HW:  finish guided video notes over cross sections if not finished last week

    Tuesday:  cross sections and test review

    Wednesday:  test review

    Thursday:  Test

    Friday:  Pi Day!




    Week 27: March 2-6

    This week we will work on special angle pairs (complementary, supplementary, vertical, and adjacent).  There will be a quiz on Thursday of this week over special angle pairs and triangle side inequality theorem. 

    Monday:  Notes and examples over special angles

    HW:  finish worksheet from last week over area and circumference of circles

    Tuesday:  practice with special angles

    HW:  worksheet over special angles

    Wednesday:  more practice with special angles


    2nd Period: 483545 and 591071

    3rd Period:  120544 and 582402

    5th Period: 580676 and 642841

    6th Period: 278750 and 858503

    7th Period:  477547 and 932204

    Homework:  Pop Culture Coca Cola Worksheet over special angle pairs

     Thursday:  quiz over special angles and triangle side inequality theorem

    HW:  volume of triangular prisms 


    Friday:  volume of trianglular prisms

    Cross Section Video 1

    Cross Section Video 2

    Cross Section Video 3


    Week 26: February 24-28

    This week we will continue to work on area and circumference of circles.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday over area and circumference.  

    Monday:  word problems with area and circumference 

    HW:  finish task cards if not finished in class.  Students can email me if they need a copy of the questions. 

    Tuesday:  angles

    HW:  Quizziz to practice area and circumference for tomorrow's quiz:


    2nd period:  706814

    3rd period:  434555

    5th Period:  475508

    6th Period:  912222

    7th Period:  133212

    Wednesday:  area and circumference quiz

    Thursday:  special angle relationships

    Friday:  special angle relationships


    Week 25: February 18-21

    This week we will be working on area and circumference of cirlces.  There will probably be a quiz next Tuesday over this new material.

    There is not a USA Test Prep assignment this week.  I am asking all the students to get caught up with the ones from the previous weeks.  


    Tuesday:  notes and examples of parts of circles and circumference and area formulas.

    HW:  make sure video notes are completed from last week over circles

    Wednesday:  pi investigation activity

    HW:  worksheet to practice finding area and circumference of circles

    Thursday:  more practice with circles (word problems)

    Friday:  more work on circles




    Week 24: February 10-14

    This week we will have a quiz on Tuesday over proportional relationships (this was supposed to be given last Thursday).  We will go over the quiz on Wednesday and have a test over the same material on Friday.  

    There is a USA Test Prep Assignment due each Sunday night. 

    Quizziz Code for Proportional Relationships (from last week): 209339

    Monday:  using proportions to solve real world problems

    HW:  worksheet to practice using proportions to solve real world problems

    Tuesday:  Quiz over proportional relatationships

    Wednesday:  Review for test

    Thursday:  Test over proportional relationships

    Video Notes 1 page (due next Wednesday, February 19)

    What is pi?

    Area and Circumference of Circles

    Friday:  Teacher Work Day




    Week 23:  February 3-7

    This week we will continue working on uint rate and proportional relationships on graphs and tables.  There will be a quiz on Thursday over proportional relationships. 

    There is a USA Test Prep assignment due each Sunday night for math. 


    Monday:  Notes and examples of proportional relationships.

    HW:  worksheet to practice writing equations from graphs using the constant of proportionality.  

    Tuesday:  more practice over proportional relationships

    HW:  ws. proportional relationships using multiple representations

    Wednesday:  more practice over proportional relationships

    Video Notes over using proportions to solve problems (due Friday)

    Proportions Video

    HW:  make sure scavenger hunt and Quizziz over Proportional Relationships is completed

    Quizziz Codes:

    2nd Period:  058981

    3rd Period:  908459

    5th Period:  913721

    6th Period:  29557

    7th Period:  180983


    Thursday:  quiz over proportional relationships

    Friday:  Warm Up check up over surface area of rectangular prisms





    Week 22:  January 27-31

    This week we will be working on unit rate with complex fractions and graphing proportional relatinships.  There will be a quiz on Thursday over unit rate and complex fractions.


    Monday:  notes and examples over unit rate with complex fractions

    HW:  worksheet to practice:  maze and riddle over unit rate and complex fractions

    Tuesday:  Unit rate practice (task cards)

    HW:  worksheet to practice unit rate and complex fractions

    Wednesday:  graphing propotional relationships

    Thursday: quiz over unit rate and complex fractions

    Friday:  Warm Up quiz over area of composite shapes



    Students can redo the Quizziz over simple interest and tax, tip, discount, commission

    New codes:

    simple interest: 837979

    tax, tip, discount, commission: 157270

    Week 20 January 13-17


    There will be an oppotunity to retake the quiz over percent.  Students will need to make arrangements to come before school or stay after one day next week if they want to retake it.


    Week 21:  January 21-24, 2020

    This week we will finish the iReady mid year diagnostic and continue to work on percent quesitons.  There will be a percent test on Friday of this week.  

    Monday:  iReady/ percent of change

    HW:  Students need to write a one page (front only) set of notes over percent of change (due tomorrow)

    Study Guide for test over Percent- due tomorrow

    Percent of Change Video 1

    Percent of Change Video 2Percent of Change Video 2





    Week 20:  January 13-17, 2020

    This week we will be working on percent problems.  There will be a quiz over percent problems on Wednesday.

    Monday:  Percent Practice

    Tuesday:  Percent Practice

    HW:  worksheet to practice percent word problems

    Wednesday:  Percent Quiz

    Thrusday:  iReady midyear diagonstic

    Friday: iReady mid year diagnostic