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    Dr. Marva Tutt
    Email: tuttma@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us 
    Hephzibah High School
    4558 Brothersville Road
    Hephzibah, GA 30815

Principal's Message

  • June 1, 2020


    Can you believe the school year is officially over and we’re now planning for the new one?


    It’s hard to believe that the 2020 school year ended abruptly due to COVID-19, but we learned lessons along the way. First, life is unpredictable. We came to school one day with the intention of returning after Spring Break, only to learn that we wouldn’t be physically returning to school. Next, we learned how online learning can be beneficial when used effectively. Finally, we learned the importance of human interaction, communicating and socializing with others, and that school can be a very safe place for many students.


    Graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21 at 8:00 a.m. If your child has not received his or her cap and gown, contact the Jostens representative, Jason Wiley at Jason.Wiley@jostens.com. We do not have the items for distribution. Hephzibah High School has not received guidance on the number of tickets each student will receive, but we will inform families as soon as that information becomes available.


    While the custodians are working to clean and sanitize the building, school is considered closed until further notice. With this in mind, textbooks may be returned Monday-Thursday from 10-2 at the front entrance. If you had items in your locker, text 706.220.2403 with your name and locker number and someone will bring the items to the door.


    Hephzibah High School opted to have report cards mailed from the district. If you have any changes such as address, phone number, or email address, email Patsy Williams at willipa3@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.


    Finally, yearbooks will be available for pick-up on Monday, June 8, between 10-2. Please text 706.220.2403 when you arrive so that we can bring your yearbook to the door.


    Thank you for your cooperation during this very uncertain time,


    Marva Tutt