• Tuesday, August 6

    Thanks for a great first day. I enjoyed meeting everyone.

    No homework tonight.


    Thursday, August 8

    No homework tonight.


    Monday, August 12

    Homework: Please read Chp. 1, Section 1 (pages 6-7). Answer Questions 1-3 on page 7 in complete sentences.

    Upcoming: Textbook scavenger hunt is due Wednesday.


    Tuesday, August 13

    Homework: Textbook Scavenger Hunt due tomorrow.

    Upcoming: Snapshot autobiography due Friday.


    Wednesday, August 14

    Homework: No homework tonight

    Upcoming: Snapshot autobiography due Friday

    Here is a copy of Lunchroom Fight for those who need it.


    Thursday, August 15

    homework: No written homework tonight. Snapshot autobiography due tomorrow.



    Monday. August 19

    Homework: Note check tomorrow: Chapter 1, Section 2. Complete "Reviewing the section" questions on page 11

    Upcoming: Quiz on Thursday


    Tuesday, August 20

    Hmework: Answer Questions 1-3 on page 15

    Upcoming: Quiz Thursday


    Wednesday, August 21

    Quiz tomorrow:

    Quiz will cover Chapter 1, Sections 1-3

    Quizziz Review


    Monday, August 26

    Homework: Cornell Notes from Chapter 1, Section 4 & questions due tomorrow.

    Upcoming: Test Friday


    Tuesday, August 27

    Homework: Cornell note check moved to tomorrow.

    Upcoming: Test Friday


    Wednesday, August 28

    Homework: chapter review (page 21) due Friday. Just complete first two sections.

    Upcoming: Test Friday.


    Thursday, August 29

    Test tomorrow on Chapter 1

    Quizziz Review


    Tuesday, September 10

    Homework: Cornell notes due tomorrow (Chapter 4, Pgs 66-70)

    Upcoming: Quiz Friday


    Thursday, September 12

    Homework: Quiz tomorrow on Middle East Geography.

    Quizziz Review

    Quizlet Flash Cards

    Middle East Geography PPT


    Thursday, September 19

    Homework: Notes on Textbook pages 71-72 due tomorrow. 

                        Answer Questions 1-6 on page 72.


    Monday, September 23

    Homework: Unlimited vs. Limited Government handout (if not finished in class)

    Upcoming: Quiz Friday


    Wednesday, September 25

    Homework: "Types Of Governments" Handout

    Upcoming: Quiz Friday

                       Picto-words due Friday


    Thursday, September 26


    Quiz Tomorrow

    Picto-words due tomorrow

    Quizziz Practice


    Sunday, September 29

    Study Guide


    Monday, September 30

    Homework: Cornell Notes from reading on page 34-35 & questions 1-4


    Tuesday. October 1

    Homework: We will check Monday's homework tomorrow.

    Upcoming: Test Friday


    Wednesday, October 2

    Homework: Study--Test Friday

    Middle East Gov Chart


    Thursday, October 3

    Homework: Test Tomorrow

    Quizziz Review

    Kahoot Review

    Intro to government

    Types of government


    Wednesday, October 9

    Homework: Econ Vocab Sheet due tomorrow.



    Wednesday, October 16


    Homework: Econ Vocabulary Quiz Friday


    Thursday, October 17


    Homework: Vocabulary quiz

    Quizziz Review


    Monday, October 21

    Homework: No written; Test Friday

    Study Guide


    Tuesday, October 22

    Homework: Complete Tasks A,B, and C on from the study guide. Test Friday.


    Wednesday, October 23


    Homework: Complete Study Guide. Test Friday


    Thursday, October 24


    Homework: Test Tomorrow

    Millionaire Review

    Economic Indicators

    Factors of production

    How prices are set

    Econ Vocab

    Economic Indicator WS

    Vocab WS

    Supply & Demand WS

    Factors of production ws

    Econ study guide key


    Wednesday, October 30

    Middle East Religion Webquest


    Monday, November 4

    Homework: Webquest & short essay due tomorrow.

    Upcoming: Quiz Wednesday

    Middle East Culture & Religion


    Tuesday, November 5

    Quiz tomorrow: Middle Eastern Religions & Ethnic Groups

     Quizziz Review

    Relevant Textbook pages: 73-80

    Middle East Culture & Religion Notes (see above powerpoint)

    Vocabulary Puzzle Key


    Tuesday, November 12

    Homework: "Creation of Israel Handout" due tomorrow.


    Wednesday, November 13

    Homework: Study for Quiz Friday covering "Continuing Conflicts in the Middle East" & "Creation of Israel"

    Conflicts in the Middle East Notes

    Creation of Israel Notes


    Tuesday, November 19

    Homework: Study guide due Friday. Unit test on Friday


    Wednesday, November 20

    U.S. Presence in the Middle East



    Thursday, November 21

    Homework: Unit test tomorrow



    Study Guide Key



    Monday, December 2

    Homework: Cornell Notes for Chp. 8, Section 1 (pages 187, 190-195.)


    Wednesday, December 4

    Homework: Finish Cornell notes for the reast of Chapter 8, Section 1. Answer Questions on page 204.