Tuesday, March 17

    Good Morning!

    Please visit this page daily as we transition to online learning for the forseeable future. To the best of their ability, students should view and complete assignments in the edmodo online learning platform. They were given login information yesterday in class to access the program. This Davidson page will serve as a backup with general information about assignments as well as other announcements.


    Edmodo Log In 


    ** There is no need to set up a new account. Simply log in with the username/passwood you were given in class**



    Assignments for this week will be posted soon.


    Thursday, March 19

    Good Morning!

    I hope everyone is safe and well! There have been a few issues logging into Edmodo mostly due to an increase in users. Please be patient and keep trying to log in at various times. I plan to stick with it for now.


    **Important: If you have not logged into Edmodo yet or do not know how to, you need to contact me by email asap**


    Some students have had issues submitting the assignment. I have posted a tutorial on submitting assignments in Edmodo and a link below.

    Submit an assignment in Edmodo


    Thursday, March 26


    1. Spend 10 minutes reviewing the vocabulary/terms in the textbook section.
    2. Complete the attached workbook page and turn it in. You can write the answers on a separate document or upload a picture of your work. ‌Link to workbook page
    3. Resources: Textbook (383-388) and workbook


         All assignments should be turned in via Edmodo. Regarding Edmodo, see instructions above for logging in and submitting assignments in the above posts. 


         Monday, March 30


    1. Complete the India Crossword Puzzle by using Chapter 14 in the textbook. Due: Tomorrow by 5:00 pm.

    2. Try to upload complete assignment in Edmodo by 5:00 pm on Tuesday.

    3. The croosword puzzle can be downloaded here.


          Wednesday, April 1


    1. Today's assignment should be loaded in edmodo shortly.

    2. Your task today is to join my Quizziz class page for your specific class period. This will alow me to assign Quizziz games for you to practice social studies content.

    3. Follow the instructions in the assignment. Email or message me if you have any problems.


         Thursday, April 2


    1. Log into edmodo and read my post for today.

    2. You should see a short brainPop video and a knowledge organizer both related to the life of Gandhi.

    3. We may try to have a modified quiz tomorrow. I will post more info later.


         Friday, April 3



    Good Morning, ‌ A short quiz on Gandhi and Indian Independence has been posted in Edmodo. Once you begin the quiz, you will have 45 minutes to complete it. The quiz will be open through the weekend.

    No other work will be assigned over spring break. Please use spring break to have fun and relax or catch up on any work that has not been turned in. I will host a zoom session at 1:00 pm today if you want to drop in to say hi. This is not a requirement or formal class, but a way to experiment with new methods of teaching and content delivery that we might use in the future. Mrs. Sadenwasser will post the links to the zoom meetings on her Microsoft Teams page.

      Tuesday, April 14
      Assignment: Due Wednesday @ 5:00 pm
     Good morning,

    Hope everyone had a great break and welcome back to "class". Our topic this week will switch to the history of Japan. The first assignment this week will focus on a quick recap of Japan's geography to give you a sense of Japan's place in Asia.

    Read Chapter 15, Section 1 on pages 408-412

    Complete the attached guided reading handout

    Please answer questions 1-5 in complete sentences (page 412)

    ** Please turn in word/text documents only in the Edmodo platform.


    Monday, April 20


    New lessons for the week will be posted shortly.


    Consider the following scenario: 

    1. Imagine that our school is thinking about starting a new policy—mandatory Saturday school for everyone. That means that all students would go to school Monday through Saturday; Sunday would be our only day off from school. The school board wants to hear from students about their opinions on the proposed policy. When you share your opinion with the board, you want to make sure that you have sources and evidence to support it. 
    2. What kinds of sources could we use to help us answer the question of whether there should be mandatory Saturday school? 

    Please log into Edmodo and post your response to this prompt.


    Monday, April 27


    Last week we focused on the question, "Who's behind the information?". ‌ Evidence abounds online, from interactive infographics to hyperlinks in news stories to live polling data. The quality of this evidence varies tremendously. In order to effectively evaluate claims and find trustworthy information on which to base our decisions, we must be able to analyze evidence. ‌ This week, we will focus on the question, "What's behind the evidence?". We will use our Saturday School example from last week. ‌ Brainstorm: If we want to include more data or evidence in our presentation to the school board, what are different kinds of evidence we could use?


    Please log into Edmodo to answer the prompt and view our assignment for the week.