• 2/18/20 Week-7 3rd Quarter
    All students are REMINDED TO CHECK davidson.rcboe.org "School wires" and/or the class board each day to see the pages being covered that week.  All students at any level should REMEMBER there are many DIFFERENT LEVELS being taught at the same time during each class period.  Students should begin working EACH DAY with or without instructions for their level.  Students will NEED THEIR OWN EARBUDS EVERY DAY!  
    Students have been taught Chapter 8 (pages 37-41) in the Piano Discoveries-D Book.  Students will work on each page every day. Students should be able to play any page hands together demonstrating correct notes, fingerings & rhythms.  Students may read forward past Chapter 8. 
    Students WILL take an assessment for a grade this week.
    Students are reminded to VISIT MY WEB PAGE and click on "Resources - Links" to play the FREE/FUN NOTE READING GAMES!!!  This is VERY HELPFUL for faster note reading.
    PLEASE VISIT wordgenius.com to play a one word a day vocabulary improvement FREE game.  DFA English Department thanks you! 


    Each day students will face the UNIQUE challange of being in one piano classroom with many different levels of piano being taught simultaneously. 


    WEB PAGE & SCHOOLWIRES: davidson.rcboe.org.  Then CLICK ON "Staff & Departments", CLICK ON "Hennessy, Paul (Piano)", CLICK ON any piano class.

    Students are ADVISED to check "Schoolwires" or the class board each day upon entering the classroom.  Students should begin immediately on their assigned pages even without instructions for that particular level of piano.  There are 7 piano levels total at Davidson and possibly ALL 7 LEVELS in one 25 minute piano class.  Starting each day right away with or without instruction is a GREAT IDEA - DO IT!  

    GRADING PROCEDURES: Testing on Fridays = 60%, Assessments on Fridays = 30%, Professional Responsibilities everyday = 10%

    All piano students are reminded that test will be on Fridays weeks 3, 6 & 9.  Tests will carry a weight of 60%.  All piano students will take an "assessment" quiz on Fridays at the end of weeks 2, 5 & 8. All assessments will carry a weight of 30%.  Students will be graded 10% of their grade on their professional responsibilities performance/practice habits in the classroom each day. All parents are reminded there is NO HOMEWORK in piano due to some students having no piano at their home. Parents & students are reminded that student effort/attitude in class is the best way to achieve high test scores. Any person reading this is reminded my number one goal is to TEACH piano students how to play the piano! Students may purchase music or a piano. Purchasing music & a piano is NOT required. Various students may participate in the spring 2020 piano recital which is 4/27/20 & 4/29/20. Tutoring help is as needed immediately after school.