• All students should visit "CANVAS" for information.



    Each day students will face the UNIQUE challenge of being in one piano classroom with many different levels of piano being taught simultaneously. 


    WEB PAGE: davidson.rcboe.org.  Then CLICK ON "Staff & Departments", CLICK ON "Hennessy, Paul", CLICK ON any piano class.

    Students are ADVISED to check CANVAS or the class board each day upon entering the classroom.  Students should begin immediately on their assigned pages even without instructions for that particular level of piano.  There are 7 piano levels total at Davidson and possibly ALL 7 LEVELS in one 25 minute piano class.  Starting each day right away with or without instruction is a GREAT IDEA - DO IT!  

    GRADING PROCEDURES: Quiz = 40%, Assignments = 30%, Discussions = 20%, Professional Responsibilities everyday = 10%

    CANVAS - Assignments are listed weekly.  All virtual or learn at home students should check assignments, watch a quick instructional video if posted for that week and try the assignment.  Students know how to click the "submit assignment" tab and submit their assignment if they are not physically in the classroom.  Assignments listed weekly is the TOP PRIORITY for success in piano class if learning at home.  Face-to-face students can also access these assignments and watch instructional videos.

    TEAMS MEETINGS TIMES ARE LISTED BELOW FOR LEARN AT HOME STUDENTS (returning to face-to-face) & Virtual Students (online all year).

    Period 5A Students - Monday @ 12:30 PM

    Period 5B Students - Wednesday @ 1 PM

    Period 6A Students - Tuesday @ 1:30 PM

    Period 6B Students - Thursday @ 2 PM

    Period 7A Students - Monday @ 2:30 PM

    Period 7B Students - Wednesday @ 3 PM

    Virtual Students know some students attend Teams on Tuesday @ 3 PM and some students attend Wednesday @ 3 PM.