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    Next=Topics 13-14 in Text:  "Crash, the Great Depresion & New Deal + WWII"  Students received this before they left for the virus break

    Watch Crash Course for US History video #'s 33-34 for "Great Depression & New Deal" content and #'s 35-36 for "WWII" content (very helpful!)

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    Great Depression & New Deal (Chapter 13)  13.1Great Crash Cause & Effect Chart + Causes of Great Depression 13.213.6 Assignments:  Sections 2-3 All Terms & 3-“R’s” of New Deal Section 4 WPA, Social Security Act, Wagner Act, collective bargaining, Fair-Labor Standards Act (minimum wage), “court-packing” plan, + Answer Draw Conclusions Q p. 526 & take notes on charts pp. 545 & 548 -Depression Era Icons = Hoover (Boulder) Dam, Empire State Building, Mount Rushmore, Golden Gate Bridge Sections 5 & 6 All Terms + Eleanor Roosevelt’s role & importance + very important Charts on pp. 553, 554 & 556  - “coping” with effects/conditions of G.D. = “sense of community” + various forms of escapism:  radio=music & drama & humor (ex.  Will Rogers) + iconic movies & novels & Superman, Monopoly, etc.

    Chapter 14 Stuff-“WWII & the U.S.”  Sections 1-2 mainly:  Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Axis Powers, appeasement, Chamberlain, Poland (9/1/39)=start of WWII, Allies (we join later), non-aggression pact (Hitler & Stalin), Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill, fall of France (6/22/40), Japan (part of Axis)=nationalism through militarism + totalitarianism in order to control Asia, FDR’s “Quarantine” speech (late 1937, reactions?) & “Four Freedoms” speech (early 1941), Neutrality Act of 1939=cash & carry, America First Committee (Ford & Lindbergh members), “50 destroyers for bases” deal (p. 582), Lend-Lease Act (chart p. 583)=U.S. as “arsenal of democracy” & “economic” declaration of war, Atlantic Charter=US + Great Britain & United Nations later, then:  pp.585-588=Pearl Harbor (12/7/41), FDR’s war speech=U.S. declared war & officially joined Allies

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