• In-Class Essay on Friday (9/27), 2 prompts below and 1 pulled randomly just before writing starts (hand-written notes in bullet or outine form may be used):

    1 of these 2 will be selected at random at the beginning of class 

    1) To what extent was the central government under the Article of Confederation effective in governing the US?

    2) What factors contributed to the development of political factions/parties in the US in the 1790’s?

    ****Unit Test #1 will be on Monday, October 7th!!!!!  It will be 

    = Chapter 6 in Amsco (terms and reading) = Chapters 6.2-7 in Textbook (mainly reading)-"Shaping a New Nation"

    ***Be sure to purchase your AMSCO APUSH book from the Media Center.

    2010 AMSCO link below


    For an intro into APUSH writing go to below links and regularly visit the College Board link below to learn/see the Skills needed to write effectively in APUSH

    Go to this link = "Writing an Effective Introductory Paragraph"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSpYWeHABuc

    www.fortcherry.org/Page/233 = Great/Detailed powerpoints based on AP US History level Textbook!

    APUSH Course and Content Description Guide from College Board

    DBQ Tips!

    Free-Response Samples from College Board!










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