• *Pop-quizzes and quizzes will be given weekly.  Tests will be given monthly.  Pop-quizzes are usually on information that was covered that week in class and are a DOK level-1or 2.  Quizzes cover information taught in class the week before, this gives students an opportunity to study more and get more practice with the concepts in class. Quizzes are a DOK level 2 or 3.  Tests are given once a month, students will have had much more time to study each night at home and practice each day in class to get a deeper understanding of the concepts.  Tests are an application of the concepts and require a deeper understanding. Tests are a DOK level 3 or 4.  Students are expected to study their notes and handouts every night to be prepared for all assessments given in my class. There are also other helpful resources on my webpage like video tutorials, Kahoot games, and powerpoints  All assessments (formative and summative) are diagnostics for the student, parent, and myself.  Not doing well on a pop-quiz or quiz is a good indicator of how the student will perform on a test and is always correlated with how well the student engages in the classroom.

     DOK levels

    Week 2: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday, 8-14-19 covering the scientific method.

    Week 3: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday 8/21/2019 covering structure and function, variables and cause and effect. 

    Week 4: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday 8/28/2019 covering Atoms/atomic structure.

    Weeek 5: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday 9/4/2019 covering periods, groups, ions and isotopes.

    Week 6: popquiz one day this week. Be prepared by studying your notes each night.

    Week 7: Test covering everything we have gone over in class thus far.  Study your notes and worksheets. The test will be on Thursday the 19th of September.

    Week 8: Popquiz on day this week. Be prepared by studying your notes each night.

    Week 9:  Quiz on Wednesday covering the physical and chemical properties of metals, nonmetals, and Metalloids as well as atomic radius and ionization energy.

    Week 10: Quiz on Wednesday 10/9, covering chemical bonds- Ionic, covalent, and metallic and polar and non-polar molecules.

    Week 11: No quiz or test this week:)

    Week 12: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday the 23rd. Exergonic, Endergonic, exothermic, endothermic, properties of chemical bonds, and 2 question on chemical equations.

    Week 13: Students will have a cummulative test on Thursday the  31st of October. States of matter (particle movement and arrangement), types of bonds, properties of bonds and elements, chemical equations and balancing, physical and chemical changes, physical and chemical properties, polar/non-polar, atomic radius, periodic trends (ionization energy, #of electrons in valence, groups, periods, endothermic, exothermic, oxidation numbers (charges).  35 questions.

    Week 14: Students will have a quiz on wednesday, November the 6th.  Quiz will cover types of chemical reactions and naming chemical compounds.  Quizizz game codes: 396897      869645     900516      752778      863995

    Week 16: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday the 20th of November.  The quiz will cover, calculating density, volume, and mass and heating and cooling curves as well as some gas law questions.

    Week 17: Quiz on Thursday the 5th of December.  Quiz will cover solutions/solubility.  Study your notes and 1/2 sheets.

    Week 18:  Quiz on Thursday the 12 of December covering solubility curves and acids and bases/PH scale.

    Week 19:  Midterm on Thursday the 19th.  USAtest prep study guide is available now.

    Week 20:  No quiz or test this week.  Welcome back!

    Week 21:  Students will have a quiz on Wednesday 1/15 that will cover forces, work and energy.

    Week 22: Thursday students will have a quiz simple machines and mechanical advantage.

    Week 23: The students will have a quiz on Thursday 1/30, covering Newton's laws and forces and motion. Study your notes.

    Week 24: Students will have a quiz on Thursday 2/13 covering motion graphs.

    Week 25: Quiz Wednesday the 19th- Motion graphs

    Week 26: Students will have a test on Thursday March 5th.

    Week 28: Students will have a quiz on Wednesday the 11th covering radioactivity.