Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Knight

Hello! My name is Jennifer Knight, and I teach eighth-grade Language Arts at Davidson. I am from Augusta, have been married for twenty-seven years, and have two sons. I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees from Augusta University, and this year will begin my twenty-eighth in the classroom.  I have taught all high school ELA grades and levels, including AP Literature and Composition, in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I have also taught French I, SAT Prep, Yearbook, Creative Writing, and Credit Recovery classes. Additionally, I have been a Teacher of the Year,  a Rock Hill Distinguished Climber, a Senior Project Coordinator, a yearbook sponsor, a graduation coordinator, and a club sponsor, to name a few. I have a tremendous passion for the written word, and I love having conversations with others about meaningful literature and effective writing. Also, I love all things Georgia and Georgia Bulldogs, and I collect unusual pens!

I look forward to a wonderful year with your student! Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.



If we quarantine:

Follow the directions below to join the virtual class meeting

1) Log into your Launchpad

2) Click on RCBOE Canvas

3) Click on Dashboard on the left navigation (if you have not automatically opened to the Dashboard)

4) Click on Honors English Language Arts

5) Scroll down and click on the Quarantine link

6) Click where it says "ELA Class Meeting Link for YOUR CLASS PERIOD." This will take you to Teams. The first time you go in, you might have to download the app, so click to Download the Windows App and follow the directions. Once you have the app, the system should automatically log you in. If it does not, click where it says “Launch It Now.”

7) Click where it says “ELA CLass Meeting Link” for YOUR CLASS PERIOD."

8) Click “Join” in the upper right corner. Click “Join Now”

9) Wait to be admitted to the meeting.


Be sure to mute your mic, have paper and pen handy to take notes, sitting upright at a table or desk, and be in a quiet setting with school-appropriate attire on.

The chat feature is class questions only. It is not to be used for chats between students unless directed.

Be sure to log in five minutes prior to the meeting time. Wait patiently to be admitted to the meeting. 



Canvas information-Students access Canvas through Launch Pad

    Nuggets for Success in Mrs. Knight's class:

    1) Check Canvas daily and work ahead where possible. Canvas is updated weekly and every time something changes. It is extremely helpful if you check for upcoming quiz, test, and project dates. That way, you can work and study ahead and not leave a lot of homework for the night before something is due. 

    2) Maintain effective communication with Mrs. Knight. Email or send a Canvas text (see #4) with any questions you have about an assignment or upcoming quiz or test. Emailing about current or upcoming absences is helpful, too. 

    3) Check your Infinite Campus every one to two days. Knowing where you are with your class average on a regular basis can help you maintain or improve your average. Additionally, you can check for missing work.

    4) Download the Canvas Communication App. There is an app for students and an app for parents/guardians. It is helpful to download the apps for communication purposes. I send out valuable text reminders and communication all year. You can also text me with questions using the app.

    5)  Attend tutoring. Any time you are encountering something in class that you struggle with, it is a good idea to attend tutoring with Mrs. Knight. My tutoring hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:15, or by appointment. I also offer help with study skills, organization, time management, etc. Be prepared to let me know what you need help with upon your arrival. You are welcome to use the time to work, read, get caught up, etc, or we can work together.

    6)  Be proactive about makeup work when absent. Check Canvas, email me, or speak to me before or after class or school for missing work.

    7) Maintain your class agenda. It is helpful to have a list of tasks to check off at home each night as you work on homework and upcoming assignments.

    8) Turn in missing work, even if it is late. Any time you miss turning in an assignment, take the time to get it done and submit it to Mrs. Knight for late credit.

    9)  BE PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE! This important philosophy makes for successful academic performance in a class.