• Every science student will conduct a science research project this year.  Students can work by themselves or with one other student.  Their topic does not have to be in the field of their science class.  Another words, physics students do not have to do one in the field of physics.  It should be in a topic that interests them.  A quality research project is expected.   Do not wait for the last minute to do this.

    Note: Students will use a composition notebook for a Log Book.  The first two pages will be used a a table of content.  Every time something is done for the project it needs to be logged in the Log Book with the date and what was done, to include background information, raw data, calculations, etc.


    DUE DATES  (students are encouraged to submit it early) No late work excepted.

    Propasal  September 18th   SRP Proposal form

    ***Complete this by Sept 24th

    Hypthesis/Procedure  October 2nd  SRP Hypothesis Form

    Back Ground Information October 16th

    Science Research Project (paper and poster)  November 20th

    Log Book November 20th

    Poster Template

    Sample Formal Report Format


     Helpful Info 

    Intel International Science and Engineering Guidelines

    Science Research Project Tips for Parents