• Westside High School Annual Awards 

    Coca-Cola Science Award 

    Each year the Coca-Cola Outstanding Science Award is awarded to an outstanding science student in the areas of Biology and Physical Science.  

    The Kelsha A. Grant Spirit Memorial Award 

    The Kelsha A. Grant Spirit Memorial Award was established on March 26, 2016 to commemorate her life after learning of her unexpected death. The Kelsha A. Grant Spirit Memorial Award is given to a student who displays academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, and strong leadership qualities.  

    The Renee Russo Award  

    Mrs. Renee Russo was a Westside teacher who touched the hearts of everyone around her. Her enthusiasm and vivacity were absolutely contagious. Even through her battle with cancer, her spirit never waned. As a teacher, mother, wife, and friend, she taught us all the beauty of life.

    Mrs. Russo valued hard work, integrity, and respect. She exemplified these traits personally and instilled them in her own children – Parker & Kelly, both Westside graduates. She also expected these same traits from her students. This award was created to recognize one student each year who demonstrates these character traits on a daily basis. This year’s recipient is one I know Mrs. Russo would approve of.  

    The Tiffany Temples Memorial Scholarship

    We will begin our program with the awarding of the Tiffany Temples Memorial Scholarship. Tiffany was a 1986 graduate of Westside High School. This scholarship was established by Mr. Ethan Andrews in Tiffany’s memory. 

    This scholarship is awarding to an outstanding senior who:

    • Plans to attend college in the fall
    • ranks in the top (10%) of the graduating class
    • displays great character
    • and exhibits a zest for life!

    The Zavion Knight Memorial Award

    Zavion Knight was a student at Westside who was scheduled to graduate with the class of 2023, but was tragically killed in December of 2021. A male graduating senior is selected each year to honor the memory of Zavion. 

    The Steve Cameron Memorial Award

    A Westside teacher and coach, Steve Cameron inspired not only his colleagues, but every student he came in contact with both in the classroom and on the field. Despite the health challenges he faced each day, Mr. Cameron was never without a smile on his face, a joke to share, or kind words of encouragement for others. He exemplified strong tenacity and unwavering perseverance. 

    His fierce determination and work ethic were unequaled. Each day was a testament to his belief that life’s challenges should not be viewed as obstacles, but rather as motivation to strive harder to be the best one can be. A man of unpretentious spirit and humble purpose, Mr. Cameron’s quiet patience and firm guidance with his students represents excellence in teaching and character. To honor his legacy, the faculty of Westside chooses a student each year who best embodies these same qualities.

    The Debbie Katcoff Memorial Award

    Debbie Katcoff was a special member of the Westside Patriot family as an art teacher. She taught art for 22 years. She was passionate about art and did her best to instill a love and appreciation for it in the lives of her students. Mrs. Katcoff was always willing to lend her exceptional talent and skills in the events and activities at Westside. This award is given to a student who exhibits the same love and passion for art as Mrs. Katcoff. 

    The Stephen Fishel Memorial Award

    Stephen Fishel would have been a member of the Westside class of 2013, but on Memorial Day weekend following his 8th grade commencement from John M. Tutt Middle School, he drowned in the Savannah River. Stephen was a remarkable young man of faith and character who touched the lives of all who knew him. The Stephen Fishel Memorial Award is awarded to a Senior NJROTC member who exhibits the qualities of integrity and character.

    The Stephen Fishel Memorial Award

    Rebecca Potter was a science teacher at Westside for almost 20 years until her passing last year. She was department chair, club advisor, mentor teacher, STAR teacher recipient, and wore many other hats around Westside. Her love for science was infectious and she passed on that love to her students. Although her tenure ended sooner than expected, her mark at Westside will last for years. 

    The Rebecca Potter Science Award is given to a student who shares that passion for science and plans to continue their studies in the science field after graduation.