• Westside Clubs and Organizations



    Academic Decathlon  Team-Students are involved in local and state competition.   Teams are made up of 3 -A students, 3 -B students and 3 C students.  ·These students represent their school in various academic bowl tournaments.

    Sponsor:   Mr. David Bradberry



    Art  Club-Promotes art activities in the school and community. Sponsor:   Art Teacher



    Blue and Gold-Instill order and discipline within the corps of JROTC cadets. Sponsor:   Chief Zachary Curry



    Chorus-Promotes school spirit by singing at concerts in the school, in other school, and in the community. Sponsor:   Gretchen Salomone



    Drill Team- Represents the school in community parades, military parades and competes interscholastically with other drill teams throughout the Southeast.   Limited to JROTC members.

    Sponsor:   Chief Zachary Curry



    Take  Pride in Westside  - Promotes recycling and saving the Earth, while saving the environment around you, includes school beautification.

    Sponsor: Ms. Gail Smith



    Band-The band program will enrich students' knowledge of music through performance of literature that will enable each member to learn to make good musical judgments, learn about the history of music and express themselves through the performance of the music.   Band members compete at District Band and All-State competitions.   They also perform the half time shows during football season and concerts at various times throughout the school year.   Students also attend band camp.

    Band Director:   Gretchen Salomone



    FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America-Promote family and consumer growth.   This organization promotes a growing appreciation of the jobs and satisfactions of home-making. Any student who has had Family and Consumer Science in either middle or senior high school is eligible.

    Sponsors:   Ms. Marsha Gibson'





    Executive  Councii Promotes school spirit and citizenship.   Students are nominated and voted on by their peers

    Sponsor:   Mrs. Nancy Ginn



    Senior  Councii Promotes activities for the Senior Class such as Senior Week and Senior Volunteer Hours. Sponsor:.  Mrs. Angela Moore


    Junior Council Promotes many worthwhile activities for the student body, coordinates homecoming activities and prom and members are made up of Junior Classmen.

    Sponsor:   Mr. Jody Grant



    Sophomore Council- Promotes activities for the Sophomore Class which support the entire student body and focuses on Volunteerism around the community and school.

    Sponsor: Ms. Peggy Wright



    Freshmen Council- Promotes activities for the Freshmen Class which support their entire student body and focuses on volunteering around the community and school.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kira Rensch



    Color Guard JROTC unit that present colors at different events at school and at other venues. Sponsor:   Chief Zachary Curry



    The  National Beta  Club  (often called merely "Beta") is an organization for 5th through 12th grade students in the United States.  Its purpose is "to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership  and service among elementary  and secondary  school students."  Students  on Honor Roll for one semester are invited to be members. Sponsor:  Mr. Phil Peavler



    Rifle Team Represents Westside in all rifle marksmanship in local, state and national competitions. Sponsor:   Commander Robert Brewer



    Key Club  Community service oriented club which is affiliated with the Uptown Kiwanis. Sponsors:   Mrs. Gebie Forrest



    National  Honor SocietyThe mission of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in students.

    Sponsor:   Mrs. Lisa Brown and Mrs. Debra Brigham


    Chemistry Club Promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.   Builds a competitive spirit through applying Science in technology, engineering and lab events.

    Sponsor:   Ms. Rebecca Potter




    Yearbook-The mission of the yearbook staff is to provide a resource to students, faculty and alumni which captures the most outstanding and memorable moments of the year and records the history of the school.   Students wishing to be on yearbook must apply.

    Sponsor:   Mrs. Lisa Brown


    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)-Promotes character and citizenship for all members.   Membership is open to all athletes.

    Sponsor:   Mr. Ivory Hugee


    Math Team-Students compete against other high school on the local, state and district levels. Sponsor:   Mrs. Abigail Bowman


    World Language Club- Promotes the development of foreign language as well as knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and customs.

    Sponsor: Ms. Margaret Wright