Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in English Literature from Augusta University GA Secondary Teaching Certificate

Mr. Jedidiah Bickle

Face to Face Students Learn from Home Assignments January 2021:


AP Literature: AP Learn-From-Home Assignment Sheet

AVID:  AVID Learn From Home Assignment Sheet



I am honored to have you (or your child) as my student. I am Mr. Bickle, and I teach ELA and the AVID Elective here at Glenn Hills High School.

This year I am teaching:

Multicultural Lit,American LitAP Lit, and the AVID Elective

Click on the names of each class to view the Syllabus Page for that course.   

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How To Reach Me:

#1: Join my Remind! This is the easiest way to reach me. Below are the links based on your class.  

1st period Multi-Cultural Literature (Online):

2nd Period American Literature (Online):

3rd Period Multli-Cultural Literature (Online):

4th Period AP Literature (Face-to-Face):

5th Period Multi-Cultural Literature (Online):

7th Period AVID Elective (Face-to-Face):

#2 Email me at

#3 Call the School at (706) 796-4924


 Tutoring/Office Hours

 Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 to 4:00 PM