Principal’s Message 


    Winston Churchill stated that "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." I stand courageously committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and educational leadership, striving daily to act as a positive catalyst for building and impacting sustainable change.  Serving in the capacity as an educational leader requires me to direct challenging experiences by both thinking critically and building creatively to foster success of students, faculty and staff. My role becomes imperative to the outcome for tomorrow. Being an educational leader, allows me the opportunity to inspire aspiring leaders to sustain educational practices and processes for continuous improvement. I believe that all educational entities should work cooperatively to provide all students with equitable educational opportunities and prepare them to become productive citizens. I believe in social justice by promoting opportunities and reducing inequality through the engagement of students in social actions to change conditions of the world irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, and/or religion. My role in cultivating this concept is to provide avenues for equitable access to education. I inherently believe that EDUCATION gives everyone the same starting line in the race of life!


    Inspiring Aspiring Leaders,

    Tikki Middleton, Ed.D