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Jamal Chatman

Mr. Jamal Chatman

9th Grade ELA (English/Language Arts)


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Hello students and parents! My name is Mr. Chatman. I'm looking forward to teaching your child(ren) for the upcoming school year. Not only do I teach a normal English class for freshmen, I'll have honors classes this year also. Feel free to check out this page for updates to the syllabus, lesson plans, etc. I'm able to be contacted at any time. Let's have a great year!


Updated Classroom Rules (8/9/23) 

No profanity. No use of cell phones, AirPods, or other technological devices (besides school-distributed laptop) unless given DIRECT permission from Mr. Chatman. If I assign seats, they’ll stay assigned according to my discretion. Finally, please respect the speaker in the classroom. Whether I or another student is speaking, it’s impolite to talk while they’re speaking. 

Updated Classroom Rules, pt. II (8/9/23) 


1st = Verbal Warning 

2nd = Parent/Legal guardian involvement 

3rd = Administrator involvement 




Vocab Quiz - A Chance in the World

Maus story


Intro to The Holocaust

Updated Syllabus 8.10.23



Hello parents and students! Progress reports are going out on September 15th, 2023. I'm giving all students a chance to submit any missing assignments by FridaySeptember 1st. The assignments needed for a grade are listed below:

-Why Summer Makes Us Lazy? (sub assignment)

-Vocab Pop Quiz from A Chance in the World

-Notice & Note Questions from Maus

-Assessment questions from Maus (extra credit)