• Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Westside High School!

    It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to yet another school year filled with more opportunities and great experiences that will see you grow academically and socially. I hope your summer holiday was a great one and that you had a good time with your family and friends. I presume that now that you are well rested, you are prepared to take on the challenges ahead in so far as your studies are concerned.

    Once again, welcome to Westside High School.

    GO PATS!!


    Coach Washington

  • Class Schedule:

    1st Period: Algebra Concepts

    2nd Period: Geometry Concepts

    3rd Period Geometry Honors Concepts

    4th Period: AP Calculus AB

    5th Period: Geometry Concepts 

    6th Period: Algebra Concepts

    7th Period: Planning 1:25 - 2:15


    School Hours: 7:25 - 2:15

    **Tutoring - Thursday 2:15-3:00**


    Best way to contact:

    Email: WashiDa1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us