Distance Learning Week 3

  • Folger’s Distance Learning Solo Choreography Project

    Dancer’s, this project should be a fun assignment to work on this week, however, it is an important one that you should work on a little each day. It will count as your Daily Participation Grade, a Homework grade AND as a Test grade. Your completed project should be emailed to me at folgeci@richmond.k12.ga.us and should be received by 11:59pm on Friday, April 3rd. Have fun and keep dancing!


    Below please find the guidelines for this project. If you are a Tap/Jazz student, you may choose which dance genre you’d like to perform; however, please DO NOT wear tap shoes inside as they will scratch up your family’s flooring. A smooth garage floor or driveway will usually work, or a piece of plywood also makes a great tap dancing surface. If you are a ballet student, obviously you’ll need to perform ballet choreography. If you take 2 classes with me, you only have to do this project once, but it needs to be really good as it will count for both classes.J


    1. Select music with a “Quarantine” theme in mind. (for example: “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical, “All By Myself” by Celine Dion, “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child… have fun, be creative!) Once you have firmly chosen a song, email me the title and artist of your selection and I will count it as your Homework grade. This is due NO LATER than Wednesday, April 1st. (I will happily accept it earlier.)
    2. Your dance must be a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds in length. Be sure to keep dancing until there is a natural stopping point in the music, don’t just stop in the middle of a phrase.
    3. This dance should be your own choreography! No TikToks or previously learned choreo. allowed. (You may use excerpts from class choreography/technique exercises.)
    4. This dance should include level changes and traveling steps.
    5. This dance should be “costumed” with an explanation in the video as to why you chose the clothes you’re dancing in.
    6. Lastly the video must include:
    • Your name and class period
    • The style of dance you will be performing
    • The title and artist of the music you’ve selected
    • An explanation of your “costume” choice
    • The dance

    Again, I hope you have fun doing this assignment. Use it as stress relief, a boredom buster, a chance to keep dancing. Just know that I miss seeing you and can’t wait until we’re together again…I hope it’s soon!! Love you!  ~Mrs. Folger