Senior Recognition Ad

  • Dear Parents:

    It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short months, your student’s stay at Davidson Fine Art will be nothing more than a memory. Senior Ads are a tradition among graduating students that let them know how much they are cared for. You know your child is amazing – why not show them that in this year’s yearbook?  You have the opportunity to let them know how proud of them you are.  Your recognition ad will be printed and remembered forever!  By purchasing a space in the back of the book you can tell them how special they are with your own pictures and in your own words. 

    Making your ad is simple.  Just fill out the attached form, including the pictures you’d like to use, and attach payment.  Return this form, with your pictures, to Ms.Mogaiensi via email or in-person by January 24th.  If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section, or contact Ms.Mogianesi



    Do my photos have to be the same size as the template?

    No.  We have the ability to resize photos as needed.

    Do I have to have the exact number of words specified on a sample template?

    No.  It is suggested that you stay around that number in order to keep text legible, though.

    How do I indicate which photo I want to go where?

    Simply write the location lightly on the back of the photo, or label digital photos, and we’ll make sure it goes there.

    Do I have to type my text?

    No.  You may handwrite your text. However, it may be more clear to attach a typed copy of the text you’d like to include your ad.  All writing will be recreated AS IT WAS WRITTEN, so legible writing or copies of text are preferred.

    Can I submit digital photos?

    Yes.  You may submit them to Ms.Mogianesi. Digital files do need to be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi, though, otherwise they will not be useable for yearbook publishing.  When scanning photos, most scanning programs have a “custom” section where you can change your resolution to at least 300.

    Can I submit print photos and get them back?

    Yes.  Your photos will be kept in a safe place until your ad is created.  Ms. Mogianesi will then have them available for pick up at the end of the year.

    If the yearbook doesn’t come out until the end of the year, why do I need to submit this so early?

    The yearbook is created throughout the year.  Our yearbook staff will start working on ad pages as early as X Date so we have time to design, proof and perfect the pages before we submit them for printing.

    Will my ad be the same size as the sample ad?

    No.  The sample ads created here are for reference only.  Your ad will look like it, but will reflect the size of the ad you purchased.