Welcome Back!


I would like to welcome students and parents to the Davidson Fine Arts Choral site.  I am thrilled and excited to begin my fourth year at DFA.  I have been planning music and activities for you all this summer and look forward to a year of making music and artistry with you. 

More convenient ways to take care of choral fees will be implemented this year, so if you are a credit/debit card person you will be thrilled!  Please consider joining the Choral Booster Club, it is a wonderful way to be involved in your child's choral education.  I will be in corporating a Booster Club register form along with the choral handbook for you to look.  Their will be a list of activities for you check off if you would like to help.  Also, if you are extremely busy and know you are not available to assist we have way for you to opt out of being harrassed by phone or email.  :)

Congratulations  on being a member of the Davidson Choral Program. You are a part of a wonderful, world-class choral program at Davidson Fine Arts...in fact, the #1 Choral Program in the United States. Don’t just take my word for it, though. The Davidson Chorale Program won the 2004 and 2005 Grammy Award for the top U.S. music program, forcing the Grammy Foundation to revamp their rules so that Davidson couldn’t win it every year. We at Davidson are committed to upholding that standard of excellence. The Davidson Treble Chorus is the first step on a 5 or 6 year journey through this amazing program! Former members of the Choral Program have gone on to graduate from Davidson, receive substantial vocal and music scholarships in college, and pursue performance careers at the highest level of accomplishment! The musical instruction and grounding that you will receive as a member of the choir will be the basis for significant musical growth and the performance opportunities will be some of the most important in your life!