Volunteer Information

DFA Parent Volunteer Training Sessions in the media center on Wednesday, Sept. 5th and Thursday, Sept. 6th at 5pm. Any parent who wishes to volunteer their time with students at Davidson must complete the training every two years and complete the following paperwork attached:

-Mandated Reporter Course (You will print a certificate once you have completed the course).  Mandated Reporter Course is: Critical links in Protecting Children in Georgia

-GCIC Background Check

 The process for the GCIC and Statement of Confidentiality forms are as follows:

Blue ink only on both forms (if you use two pages) or the front and back. 

 No copies, scans or faxes are permitted for GCIC forms. 

 Please write legibly and to completely fill out the GCIC form & list the school at the top of the form where it reads “position applied for”

 Do not submit in the GCIC form  until the Mandated Reporting course is completed. Forms are to be submitted together.

 The forms are to be stapled with the GCIC in front when sent in for processing.

 The GCIC processing time is from 7 – 10 days please allow at least this amount of time if you have parents that want to attend a field trip.


 -Statement of Confidentiality


Please contact Mr. Josh Workman for futher information pertaining to volunteering at Davidson Fine Arts.



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