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H54K: Richmond County teen to play in Carnegie Hall a second time


H54K: Richmond County teen to play in Carnegie Hall a second time

Richmond County, GA (WFXG) - Every week FOX54 celebrates kids who are shining bright in our community, doing good for others, or providing inspiration for their peers.

In this week’s High Five for Kids, meet a Richmond County high school student, who’s musical talents have allowed her to play at a venue that’s reserved for “la creme de la creme,” not once, but twice.

The sweet sound of a violin - "it is my way to express myself," 18-year-old Katy Frost said, "it's just my ticket into the world."

The Davidson School of Fine Arts senior has played violin for the past 14 years.

"I've always been amazed with her hard work ethic and her ability to just pick up on any melody and play it," her orchestra teacher, Dr. Laura Tomlin said. "She's just a very talented kid."

All this practice, practice, practice - it's allowed her the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall.

"It felt amazing," Frost said. "It was rewarding, particularly because I had to come out of a kind of a difficult time where I went through a slump with my music"

Uplifted by those around her, Frost threw herself into her music - landing another chance to play at the prestigious music hall in just a couple weeks. Of the 12,000 young applicants from all over the world, only 700 were accepted and she's among them.

But is it just practice, practice, practice?

"It also takes dedication, it takes heart, and it takes support from your teacher and from your friends, from your family," Frost said. "I know that without the support of Dr. Tomlin or the faculty here at Davidson or even my family and friends - I know none of these opportunities were even possible, and I'm so blessed and grateful for all of them, for making this possible for me."

“Just always compete with yourself and try to do better than the last time,” Dr. Tomlin said.

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