• Miss. Jenkins  



     Miss. Jenkins 


    Edgnuity is Due December 13, 2020


    Greetings All, 



    Hello Everyone! I am excited to be joining Hephzibah High School for the 2019-2020 school year. I look forward to sharing my love of math with my students. This year we will be exploring mathematics used in different cultures and applying them to our daily lives. I cannot wait to get to know you all and delve into various mathematical studies both in and out of the classroom.  This year may have challenging moments but overall it will be a great year as we work together to explore different facets of math, one problem at a time!



    Edgnuity is Due December 13, 2020


    Meeting with Miss. Jenkins 




    Phone: 706-592-2089

    Email: jenkimi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Remind Me Codes Text 81010

    Geometry in person: @cehd6g

    Geometry online:@9gdcad

    Algebra 1A:@6e87d8e

    Algebra 1B:@bg9ac38


     Tutoring is offered every Monday from 2:45-3:45pm in Teams

    Any other day by appointment (Please try to give 3 days notice prior)


    Attention Students and Parents online

    I will be meeting in Microsoft Teams with my classes on the virtual assigned day. 

    If it is not your day to meet with me in Teams: 

    1. 1. Login into launchpad
    2. 2.Click on Canvans and stay in Canvas for a few minutes durning your class time
    3. 3. You may begin working on your assignments
    4. You must log into Canvas everyday for the next ten days or you will be removed from the class.