Mr. Warren



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Warren

Albert M. Warren IV


Grades: 10th & 12th

Subject(s) Taught: English Language Arts, Student Council


I was born and grew up in Massachusetts before my family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida during my high school years. In 1990, I joined the U.S. Army.  I trained in San Angelo, Texas, before I was stationed in Germany for three years.  I traveled extensively during those three years, before I was honorably discharged in 1994.  I graduated from Augusta University with a B.S. in Education, including course concentrations and high school certification in both Language Arts and Social Studies.  I have been teaching at Hephzibah since 2010. 


Tutoring available Monday-Thursday, 2:45-3:30 pm, after school and by appointment.

  • During this necessary interruption of our school year, my students will be asked to fulfill their mandatory learning requirements for their respective classes in order to receive full academic credit.  In order to accomplish that goal, I have decided to use assignments from modules created by the educators at Georgia Virtual Learning.  The link is provided below.  There will be at least two graded assignments per week that relate directly with the Georgia Common Core Standards that we would have been working on in the classroom.  In this way, there will be as little disruption to student's learning as possible.  Students will be expected to complete all the assignments and send them through my email, or if necessary, to turn them into the school before the end of the academic year before grades are due May 20th.  If students are able to use a cell phone, they may choose to write their assignments on regular lined paper, take a picture, then send it to my email.  It doesn't matter how the work gets to me, as long as it is there before the grade deadline so I can input the grades.

    The link is as follows: 

    The assignment instructions each week will appear here for both 10th and 12th grades by week.

    Online tutoring is available Monday - Friday.  The link is  The hours are from 11:00 - 12:00, but may last longer according to attendance.


    10th Grade>Find Courses>10th Grade Lit>

    Week of 3/16-3/20 - Complete the module "Novel and Short Stories"

    Week of 3/22-3/28 - Complete the module "Nonfiction"

    Week of 3/30-4/3 - Complete the module "Research and MLA Foundations"

              Read all pages, watch videos, and complete all activities in this module. Make sure to write all answers for "Self Assessments," all "Interactive Activities," and all activities on page 8, including the "Thematic Connection Analysis Assignment," and "Comprehension Questions" listed in the gray margin also on that page, and finally the "Fictional Short Stories: Conflict Discussion," and "Literary Analysis Assignment."


    12th Grade>Find Courses>Brit Lit/Comp>

    Week of 3/16-3/20 - Complete the module "18th Century Literature"

    Week of 3/22-3/28 - Complete the module "19th Century Literature"

    Week of 3/30-4/3 - Complete the module "20th Century Modern Literature"

              Read all pages, watch videos, and complete all activities in the gray margin and all activities on "Module Wrap-Up" on page 6.


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