• Course Syllabus

    Westside High School


    Course: Spanish Level II, III, and IV                    Year: 2019-2020

    Instructor: Marcia E. Diehl                                   Room: 104

    Best time to contact: 2:30 – 4 p.m.                      Phone: 706-799-6893

    Email:         diehlma@rck12.org                         


    This syllabus should be the first item in your binder!


    I. Textbook

                Pearson. Realidades - Level II, III, or IV


    II. Course Description

                The student will develop communication skills in Spanish and study culture of Hispanic countries. This course will encompass the following skills: Listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and writing.


    III. Classroom rules

       1. Respect yourself and those around you. This includes school, teacher, and classroom property. 

       2. Be polite.

       3. Be on time.
       4. Be prepared. 

    IV. Classroom expectations and requirements

       A. Behavior:

        1. The tardy bell is a signal you should be seated, quiet, and ready to work.

        2. Paying attention, participating, listening, and taking notes will help you succeed in the class.

        3. You can speak in Spanish, but excessive noise is not admissible.

        4. No food and drink allowed in the classroom except for water. (If you have a drink, it has to be left at the front of the classroom - No disposable cups!)

        5. Please come prepared to class with the requested materials and your books. (Having paper, a pencil, or a pen is YOUR responsibility!)


       B. Academic

        1. Homework will be assigned once a week.

        2. You will have a quiz every two weeks and a test every month.

        3. Quizzes and tests will include: oral, listening, writing, and reading comprehension.


       C. Consequences for breaking the rules 

                Violation 1 – verbal warning

                Violation 2 – phone call to parent/guardian  

                Violation 3 – after school detention

                Violation 4 - referral to principal


    V. Grading procedures

    Tests – 25%

    Quiz – 25 %

    Classroom assignments – 25%

    Homework – 25%


    Note: You will not need extra credit if you do all assignments and abide by the due dates. After due date, points will be taken. No late work will be received two weeks prior to Report cards.


    Students will need the following supplies for this year for Spanish classes:

    -         2 inches wide or wider 3-ring binder

    -         1 set of dividers (5) for the different activities

    -         Paper, pens (blue or black only) or pencils