• This Week in Physics!!! 

    Week of October 28-November 1

    Monday – Friction Lab parts 1 & 2

    Tuesday –    Friction Lab parts 3 & 4

    Wednesday – Graphing Friction Lab

    Thursday – Projectiles and Forces Lab (Pumpkin Launch)

    Friday -- Newton's Laws Example Matching

    Last Week in Physics!!! 

    Week of October 21-25

    Monday –Forces Intro Notes; FBDs

    Tuesday –   Review Projectile Motion Practice Quiz, More on FBDs, Newton's First Law of Motion Notes

    Wednesday –  Newton's Second and Third Laws of Motion, F=ma problems (Complete for homework)

    Thursday – Newton's Laws Lab Stations; 

    Friday -- Quiz (Projectile Motion and Forces FBD intro); Complete Lab Station analysis and Conclusions

    Week of October 14-18

    Monday –No School, Holiday

    Tuesday –   No School for students, Teacher Professional Learning

    Wednesday –  PSAT- Holding in first period, Remaining Classes Projectile Motion Lab activity

    Thursday – Independent vs. Dependent Variable Lab (Bouncy Ball)

    Friday -- Practice Quiz (Projectile Motion ) Complete Lab Analysis and Conclusions


    #1 Syllbus

    #2 Safety Contract

    #3 Classroom Map & "Why Do I have To Study Physics" article

    #4 Vector/Scalar Notes

    #5 Distance/Displacement Notes

    #6 Displacement WS

    #7 Speed/Velocity Notes

    #8 Speed Practice Problem WS

    #9 How to Graph using Excel (1/2 sheet)

    #10 Graphing Speed and Velocity

    #11 Acceleration Notes

    #12 Acceleration practice problems (16 problems)\

    #13  Significant Figures Notes

    #14 Sig Fig Practice WS

    #15 Δx vs. t and v vs. t Graphs (Notes)

    #16 v vs. t Graphing Practice WS

    #17 Δx vs. t and v vs. Grapgh Practice (2 Sided)

    #18 Review WS  Acceleration