• FAFSA Presentation

    Here is the presentation from the Oct 1st and Oct 19th FAFSA meeting.  Please see Ms. Schow with questions.

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  • Mapping Your Future

    Your Journey Starts with Mapping Your Future!

    Our goal at Mapping Your Future is to help students plan for higher education by offering reliable and unbiased money management advice and counseling. Online and offline resources include college preparation, school selection, career exploration, and counseling aimed at helping students and families better understand student loan obligations and learn about practical money management solutions to ensure healthy finances while in school and beyond.

    Powered by Money Management International

    Mapping Your Future joins Money Management International's family of services to assist students, parents, educational institutions, and sponsors through person-to-person counseling services.

    For debt and budget assistance, call 1-877-929-9723 to speak with an MMI counselor.


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  • Financial Aid Overview

    Financial Aid

    Financial aid is money provided by various agencies (federal, state and local governments, universities, community organizations, and private corporations or individuals) to help students meet the costs of attending college. It includes gift aid - grants and scholarships - and self-help-loans and student employment.

    We encourage every senior, regardless of their families financial history, to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Many schools will not offer scholarships or work study unless the FAFSA has been filed. You will also not be eligible for need-based financial aid unless this form is filled out. The online Application will be available to seniors sometime in the late fall and should be submitted as soon AFTER JAN. 1st as possible. Your application must be received by June 30th of your senior year.



    Types of Financial Aid:

    Scholarships: Scholarships are based on academic or athletic achievement, or a special talent, but financial need may also be considered. Scholarships are considered gift aid because they do not have to be paid back. Scholarships are awarded by states, institutions and departments, as well as by private companies and individuals.

    Grants: Grants are gift aid awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. Grants do not have to be repaid.

    Loans: Student loan programs offer long-term, low interest educational loans which allow students to defer repayment until after graduation, withdrawal or termination of at least half-time attendance.

    Employment/Work Study: Students can obtain part-time jobs to assist in meeting their college costs and, if possible, gain work experience in a field related to their chosen profession. Job duties ranged from those demanding special research skills to those demanding only the willingness to work.

    Take a look at the following sites to gain more information about financial aid:

    GACollege411.org – financial aid planning


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  • Georgia GSFAPPS

    Use to apply for most Georgia scholarship and grant programs (including HOPE).

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  • Do you need Money for College--Q&A Federal Student Aid

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