• Helping your Beginning Middle School Student


    1. Help your child get organized as this is the key to being successful in middle school.  Ask your child to write all assignments for each subject in his agenda.  If there are no assignments in one subject area, write "NONE" in the appropriate area.

    2.  Ask your child to check his agenda at his locker at the end of the day to make sure he brings the correct textbooks home.

    3.  Help your child to schedule a routine for doing his homework every evening.

    4.  Select a quiet place where your child will do his homework each evening.

    5.  Keep this area stocked with pencils, pens, a pair of scissors, a stapler, tape, glue, and notebook paper just like a miniature office. 

    6.  Have your child organize each of his notebooks in basically the same manner with dividers for each section. 

    7.  Place completed homework in the same place immediately upon finishing.  A two pocket folder works well and should remain in his bookbag.

    8.  When all work is completed have your child pack his bookbag and place it by the door for the next morning.

    9.  Make this a routine and soon your child will do this automatically.

    10. Teach your child to check Infinite Campus daily so that he begins to understand how courses are weighted and how each individual assignment impacts overall grades.