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    It is a college level physics course that is fun, interesting and challenging on a level you’ve not yet experienced. This summer assignment will review all of the prerequisite knowledge expected of you. There are 7 parts to this assignment. It is quantity not the difficulty of the problems that has the potential to overwhelm, so do it over an extended period of time. it should not take you any longer than a summer reading book assignment. By taking the time to review and understand all parts of this assignment, you will help yourself acclimate to the rigor and pacing of AP Physics 1. Use a book if you need to, but really this is all stuff you already know how to do (basic math skills). It is VERY important that this assignment be completed individually. It will be a total waste of your time to copy the assignment from a friend. The summer assignment will be due the first day of class. Good luck!


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    AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment