• DFA Algebra II 2020-2021 Summer Review (Harriman)

    Students should review their Quadratics unit from Algebra 1 in order to have a strong start in Algebra II.  Concepts students may need to review are in the Khan Academy "Quadratic Functions and Equations" unit in the link below.  Have a great summer!






    Algebra II 2020-2021 Materials

    There are 3 categories of materials for this course. 

    Required Materials are the things you will NEED to be successful in Algebra 2.  Please see me individually or send me an email no later than Tuesday, August 4, 2020 if these essential items are not attainable before Thursday, August 6, 2020.

    Recommended Materials are things you may want to have available for the Algebra 2 course in addition to the required materials.  These items are not required, but having them may make things a bit easier for you.

    Requested Materials are things that would be helpful to have in the classroom for use by all, and voluntary donations of these items are greatly appreciated.  


    Required Materials:

    mechanical pencils OR pencils with your own personal, handheld sharpener

    loose-leaf paper

    composition book (recommended: graph paper composition book)

    notebook or folder for you to store loose papers, separate from the composition book

    scientific calculator (recommended: TI 30XIIS from your previous DFA math courses)

    ear buds

    Recommended Materials:

    index cards

    sticky notes

    colored pencils, pens, or markers

    glue sticks or tape (regular or double sided)

    cell phone with DESMOS Test Mode App downloaded (it is a free app)

    Requested Materials (for class use--voluntary contributions appreciated!):

    boxes of tissue

    hand sanitizer

    cleaners (sanitizing wipes, sprays) 

    paper towels

    reams of copy paper (white and/or colored)

    mechanical pencils

    lead for mechanical pencils

    loose leaf paper

    graph paper

    dry erase markers and erasers

    zip lock bags (all sizes, but especially gallon size and quart size)

    colored pencils or markers

    index cards

    sticky notes

    glue sticks

    tape (regular or double sided)

    Glad Press n Seal Wrap