Algebra 1 Supply List 2019-2020 (expect updates in late July)

    Algebra 1B Required Summer Work--CLICK HERE 
    7/19/19 UPDATE:

    Hello, Algebra 1 students!  

    Please know that we are aware of the issues with the USA Test Prep portion of the summer assignment and are working to resolve them.  Continue to check back on the USA Test Prep website to work toward completion of the summer assignment.  Once the USA Test Prep assignments are back up and running, we will re-assess the due dates accordingly.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

    Enjoy the last bit of summer break!

    Geometry Supply List 
     All geometry students will need the following supplies by the first week of school:
    • Composition Book (graph paper kind is best)
    • Binder with notepaper & graph paper
    • Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS is a great one, under $15) 
    • A good quality compass (Circle Masters are great, or a bow compass). 
    Appreciated, but not required:
    • Tissues
    • Clorox wipes
    • Hand sanitizer

    Mandatory: composition book.  This will stay in the classroom for lab.  $1 from the dollar store or for purchase in the media center while supplies last.


    Essential but student preference: Paper, folder, binder, pencils, pens, erasers.  There are no notebook checks for this class so use the organizational tools you are most comfortable with, but be organized! 


    If organization is not your strong suit, I recommend a 1" 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper and a pocket folder that has 3-ring holes to be put directly into the binder.


    Label your binder!  Students leave things behind. It makes it easier to return the missing items to you.


    Not essential but recommended: Although the classroom has these supplies, some students perfer to use their own.  Many times note taking in Biology includes using different colored pens and markers for diagrams.  We also use colored pencils, markers, crayons, construction paper, and drawing paper to create the models and diagrams of the various components to gain clarity and understanding.  



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