• 2020 - 2021 Geometry Summer Assignment: Review the Basics

    Step 1: If you do not already have a Khan Academy account, create one now at khanacademy.org/login


    Step 2: On your profile page, go to the “coaches” tab and add this class code: WNPG22Z7


    Step 3: When you are registered in the class, you will see Assignments that are all due on August 3rd.


    Step 4: Work your way through the videos, tutorials, and quizzes until you finish!.


    Completing the summer work IS for a grade! During the first week of school, all Geometry students at DFA will have a test over these topics


    Step 5: Join my Remind group for next year! @DFAgeo20


    If you need to get in touch with me about ANYTHING, Remind is usually the fastest way. Email is good too, but I don’t check as frequently during the summer months.


    Required Supply List

    ❏Composition Book (graph paper inside is the best option!)

    ❏Binder with notepaper & graph paper

    ❏Scientific Calculator (TI-30 IIS or Casio fx-82es are both great and under $20)

    ❏Good quality compass (Circle Masters & bow compasses are awesome!)


    ❏ I HIGHLY recommend having your own glue sticks, small pair of scissors, colors (markers, colored pens or pencils, whichever you  like).  I do have plenty of these things in the classroom, but in the interest of not sharing germs when we share supplies, this is a great time to get your own set :)


    Appreciated supplies for the classroom:


    ❏Disinfecting Wipes

    ❏ Disinfecting spray (like Lysol)

    ❏Hand Sanitizer

    ❏ IF you would like, a small amazon gift card would be appreciated as I am trying to purchase an air purifier for our classroom to keep us healthy.