All AP Chemistry students are requried to complete a summer assignment. It is due on the first day of school (August 6th) and WILL be a grade. Email me with any questions. Click HERE for the link to the file.

    Monday 11/11Veteran’s Day 

    Tuesday 11/12Solutions Chemistry practice. 

    Wednesday 11/13Continue notes. 

    Thursday 11/14: Titration lab. 

    Friday 11/15: Stoichiometry practice. 


    Monday 11/4: Unit 4 notes. 

    Tuesday 10/29Unit 4 notes cont. 

    Wednesday 10/30: Limiting reactants minilab and practice. 

    Thursday 10/31: Titration notes and practice. 

    Friday 11/1: Acid-base chemistry. 


    Monday 10/28: Beer’s Law lab. 

    Tuesday 10/29Types of Reactions POGIL. 

    Wednesday 10/30: Unit 4 Notes. 

    Thursday 10/31: “The Black Snake” Lab. 

    Friday 11/1: Spectrophotometry Lab 


    Monday 10/21: Solubility rules and practice. 

    Tuesday 10/22: Unit 2/Unit 3 (first half) test review. 

    Wednesday 10/23: Test. 

    Thursday 10/24: Solutions and Beer’s law. 

    Friday 10/25: Beer’s law cont. 


    Monday 10/14: National Holiday (Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day)

    Tuesday 10/15: Teacher work day. 

    Wednesday 10/16: Ideal Gas Law and Nature of Ideal gases.

    Thursday 10/17: Continue with ideal gases.

    Friday 10/18: Paper Chromatography Lab. Recieve review for Unit 3 part 1.


    Monday 10/7: IMFs Notes.

    Tuesday 10/8: IMFs Notes Continued.

    Wednesday 10/9: IMF POGIL.

    Thursday 10/10: Practice FRQs

    Friday 10/11: Gas Laws



    Monday 9/30: Ionic and Metalic Bonding. Give Lab handout. 

    Tuesday 10/1: Practice FRQs

    Wednesday 10/2: Properties of Compounds Lab

    Thursday 10/3: Practice FRQs

    Friday 10/4: Review for Unit 2 Test. Lab due!


    Monday 9/23: Vsepr Theory Notes.

    Tuesday 9/24: Vsepr Theory POGIL.

    Wednesday 9/25: Formal Charge introduction. 

    Thursday 9/26:  Stoichiometry Review.

    Friday 9/27: Stoichiometry minilabs.


    Monday 9/16:Unit 1 Test 

    Tuesday 9/17: Unit 2 Notes 

    Wednesday 9/18:  Unit 2 Notes cont. Discuss Unit 1 test. 

    Thursday 9/19:  Bonding Lab 

    Friday 9/20:  Bonding Lab cont. 


    Monday 9/9: Quiz over period trends. Continue with PES POGIL.

    Tuesday 9/10: Finish PES POGIL. Go over E=hv.

    Wednesday 9/11: Review for Unit 1 test.

    Thursday 9/12: Do learning goals (Computer: On college board site)

    Friday 9/13: Unit 1 Test (moved for review to monday).


    Monday 8/19: Empirical formula practice. Introduction to Moles, Molar mass, balanced equations. 

    Tuesday 8/20: Begin “Hydrate Empirical Formula” Lab 

    Wednesday 8/21 Student Half Day/Teacher PL Day:  Finish Lab. Data analysis. 

    Thursday 8/22:  Introduction to FRQs. Group FRQ practice. 

    Friday 8/23:  Begin Periodicity and Periodic Trends.  


    Monday 8/12: Review electron configuration.

    Tuesday 8/13: Review atomic models and ionic compounds. Introduce Coulomb's law and its effect on ionization. 

    Wednesday 8/14: Start penny lab, discuss lab notebook setup. 

    Thursday 8/15: Rinse pennies and leave out to dry. Continue ionic compounds.

    Friday 8/16: Pure substances and compounds.


    Tuesday 8/6: Rules, regulations, expectations. Begin Density Lab.

    Wednesday 8/7: Continue Density Lab.

    Thursday 8/8: Significant figures, scientific notations, metric system and scientific method review.

    Friday 8/9: Lab safety test. Review dimensional analysis.

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