• Honors Physics Syllabus   (supply list included)
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    TEXT- "Pearson:Physics"-Walker
    Student that miss class have five days to make up missed assignments.
    Hard deadline for make-up work 
    Students that miss a lab can make-up it up by doing an abstract.
    I am availble via email, Remind, and test: (706) 503-4110




    Students will be assigned units on Edgenuity Blendid Learning.  Use the RCBOE Launch Pad to access it.  The first assignment is as follows:

    Williams Physics Sound Wave Light  

    The Unit is divided in two parts.  The first part "Waves and Sound" is due before 3/24 @11:59pm

    The second part "Waves and Light" is due before 3/31 @11:59pm  PAST DUE: IF YOU HAD TECHNICAL ISSUES PLEASE EMAIL OR SEND A REMIND


    Second Assignment:   Edgenuity: Williams Physics Magnetisium and Electromagnetism

    The unit is broken into five sections and a unit test.   Below is a time table to get the assignments done by.  Due date for the 100% completion in Tuesda. April 21st at 11:59pm.  Plan accordingly, I cannot unlock tests at the last minute.

    1. Magnets and Magnetism w/ quiz  April 3rd

    2. Magnetic Field and Force w/ quiz April 14

    3. Electromagnetic Induction w/ quiz April 16

    4. Lab: Electromagnetic Induction   April 17

    5. Application of Electromagnetic Induction w/ quiz April 20

    6. Unit Review and Test  April 21


    Third (and final) Assignment:  Edgenuity: Williams Physics Electricity

    Due date for 100% completion is Wednesday, May 6th at 11:59pm






    NewsELA weekly assignment due: Thursday 11:59pm 

    Science Research Project



    Steps in re-arranging equations/formulas

    Re-arranging formulas video  

    Physics Skills re-arranging equations video 


    Comic Book Project   Hard Deadline Due: 8 May 2020 (no credit after this)

                                    Will start collecting 6 May 2020