Assignments for AP US History (3/17-??)

  • First week of School:

    Remember to always check Remind as I will be in constant contact through that + we will use the AP Classroom & other resources from the College Board + use the online textbook & resources + use +, Quizlet (for Terms especially)etc. (SO many FREE resources online for APUSH and APUSH content!)

    2010 AMSCO link below but best to use version from 2016 or later (most of you have your own 2018-2020 version)


    For an intro into APUSH writing go to below links and regularly visit the College Board link below to learn/see the Skills needed to write effectively in APUSH

    Utilize the various free writing instruction videos for APUSH that are always available online!!!!!! = Great/Detailed powerpoints based on AP US History level Textbook!

    APUSH Course and Content Description Guide from College Board

    DBQ Tips!

    Free-Response Samples from College Board!