• Transcripts

    Procedures for Requesting Transcripts (Seniors)


    Common Applications:

    Mrs. Shipman will receive an email through the common application process that a transcript will need to be sent for you.


    In-State Applications (gafutures.com):

    Request a transcript via gafutures.com for in-state colleges that utilize the gafutures link. 


    Out-State Applications/Scholarships (hard copy transcripts):

    Email Mrs. Shipman that a transcript is needed to be sent on your behalf.  

    Include in the email: 

    • FULL name of the college or scholarship that the transcript is to be sent to.

    • Name of individual transcript is to be sent to -- if applicable.

    • COMPLETE address (if Counseling Office is mailing).  Make sure to use the Admissions Office address when mailing to a college, not the school campus address.

    • Deadline of application or scholarship.  

    • Include if the transcript is to be mailed by the Counseling Office or picked-up by you. 

    • Include your first and last name in the email.   If your email address does not include your name and you don't include your name in the body of the email, we do not know who you are.


    When the transcript has been completed, you will receive an email from Mrs. Shipman that your transcript has been mailed or is ready to be picked up in the Counseling Office.


    Transcript Fees:

    The first 3 hard copies of transcripts are free.  Official transcripts thereafter are $2 each and is payable in the Counseling Office with Mrs. Hoops.  Each senior has an account and all accounts will need to be paid in full before graduation events in May.



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