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    Patriot Wrestling          




    Head Coach: John Newton      newtojo@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Assistant Coach: Marquette Sims   marquettesims@yahoo.com

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     Welcome to the Patriot Wrestling home page. This is your source of information if you are a team member or just a fan come back here often to stay up-to-date on your Patriots. This season's match schedule will be posted below.

    "Success is not measured, it is earned"

    From The Coach:

    Last year's succes is gone. It is a distant memory. This year's success will come from your hard work, sacrifice, and determination. I expect nothing less than your best. Coach Sims and I will push you to your limits and help you find success you did not know was even possible. Your legacy starts on day one. Greatness is always one match away but, remember, success and greatness are not measured by wins and losses, they are measured by your strength of character in the face of diversity and your preserverance to get back up when you are knocked down. 

    --John Newton, Head Coach

    "Pain is the weakness leaving your body."

     2020-2021 Wrestling Schedule


    Wrestling Behavior Contract_2020.pdf

    Monday-Friday 3:30p-5:30p (except on match days)
    Meet on the Mat

    Practice attir: 

    Formfitting shirt that will not get in the way when wrestling

    Compression shorts/leggings that will not get in the way when wrestling

    Wrestling shoes for the mat

    Running shoes for conditioning/off-mat training

    Towel to wipe sweat

    Water bottle


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