You will need to create an account on Edmodo.com if you don’t already have one. I have created a summer work class that you will need to join in order to access all of the instructions and materials needed to complete your summer work. The access code for the class is ax2jh4. The code will lock after a certain amount of time. If you are trying to access the class after the code has been locked, please email me at samuekr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us, and I will reply to you with the appropriate code.


    Once you are in our class you will want to access the folder titled “Summer Work” under the “folders” tab in our class. Please make an effort to do a little hunting and familiarizing yourself with this platform as we will be utilizing it a great deal in class. Once you have accessed the folder you should find everything you need in there. Please start with the document titled “AP Language 2019 Summer Work”.

    Summer Work - Zipped Folder


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