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    Ms. L. Carr
    10th grade world literature
    British literature
    Scientific Research and SAT Prep
    EMAIL: carrla@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us / PHONE: 706-737-7152
    Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I am the Best Auntie Ever to 9 super awesome nieces and nephews, and the "mom" to two feisty cats. If you really want to know, coffee is one of my all-time favorite things to drink-- especially during the school day!
    This year, I am teaching 10th grade world literature, British literature, and the brand new Scientific Research and SAT Prep class for all IB 9th graders. I am offering tutoring from 3:30-4 on Wednesdays and during the 6th period flex block on Fridays. Please let me know in advance if you (or your student) needs to meet with me during those times, in case of scheduling conflicts.
    The best way to get in contact is through email; I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.
    Below are the class codes for Schoology-- this is where I post assignments, due dates, etc. To create an account, go to app.schoology.com and create a free account.
    1st Period PURPLE: S4JD-9XNF-J8XZ3
    1st Period GOLD: WR4K-HWJX-32DWX
    2nd Period: 7VB6-D8S4-HQZZJ
    3rd Period: JJGM-KJ8R-MC5KB
    4th Period: FX47-3BNS-QH953
    5th Period: G7VT-JRCF-PBSDZ
    Let's have a great year!

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