• Ms. Laura Carr
    Email: carrla@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 10, 12
    Subject(s): ELA

  • For Honors 10 World Literature 2018: Reading Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

    • Go to the website www.schoology.com

    • Create a FREE account and use one of the following class codes (depending on if you are scheduled for first or second period):

      • First period's join code is N89HH-B7G76

      • Second period's join code is 6P8RX-D3SCZ

    • Everything you need for the summer reading assignment is in the folder "Summer Reading Assignment 2018".

    For AP English Literature 2018: Reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

    • Go to the website www.schoology.com

    • Create a FREE account and use the class code XB2XN-DMJH7.

    • Everything you need for your summer reading assignment is in the "Handouts" folder.

    • You may also find the link "How To Do A Close Reading" quite useful as you complete the summer reading assignment.


Ms. Carr's Reading List

  • Waiting for Snow in Havana

    by Carlos Eire Year Published: 2004 Memoir

    Eire's heartbreaking memoir explores the complexities of growing up as a Cuban boy who, at age 11, is forced to leave his homeland when Fidel Castro overthrows the government.

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  • The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

    by Franz Kafka Year Published: 2003 Literary

    Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you woke up one morning to realize that you had changed into a giant cockroach? It's kind of freaky...


    *The Barnes and Noble Classics edition was published in 2003.

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  • The Professor and the Madman

    by Simon Winchester Year Published: 2005 Informational

    This book tells how The Oxford English Dictionary evolved into the massive collection of words it is today, including how one man-- confined to a hospital for the criminally insane-- contributed thousands of quotes to demonstrate how various meanings changed over time.

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    College Prep British Literature

    • First Period: F9PS9-HCJXB
    • Second Period: TV6JP-62BV3

    College Prep 10th Grade World Literature

    • Third Period: NVG83-J2XPF
    • Fourth Period: 7KT3P-6HTB8
    • Sixth Period: NMWGD-CJZP4

    AP English Literature

    • Fifth Period: H7JV2-9GWC2
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  • Homework assignments and project due dates are posted on the calendar. Check daily-- especially if you miss class!

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